How to Generate Leads Using E-Books & Guides


Whatever product or service you're selling online, we all know the importance of lead generation. It's a fundamental part of the Inbound Methodology and the start of countless customer relationships.

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What do great explainer videos have in common?


If you've made the decision to take the plunge and get an explainer video created, you'd be in good company. If the research is to be believed 69% of online traffic will consist of video content by 2017 which is pretty huge, and it's also likely to increase your chance of front page Google ranking by 53 times!

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What is the Inbound Methodology - and how does it really work? [Video]


You've probably heard about the Inbound Marketing Methodology.

But what does it really mean - and how does it work in the real world?

Well, we're huge advocates of this scientific strategy. It was originally coined by our friends at Hubspot - a tactical framework designed for the digital age, proven to gradually turn perfect strangers into repeat customers, raving fans and brand champions. 

We wanted to make the whole deal easier than ever for you to understand - so we created a video which gives you the full lowdown, with real-world examples. In the video, we show how different content pieces can be positioned for maximum impact and used at every stage of the buyer journey. Unlike the character in our video, you may not be looking to sell tables - you're probably selling something infinitely more exciting. So just imagine what the inbound methodology might be able to do for your brand!

Check out the video below...and don't forget to download our Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing, too. It's a totally free resource which gives you all the content know-how you need to grow your business!

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Are eBooks the Ultimate Lead Generation Tool?


Leads are the lifeblood of all businesses. Without leads you will never have any customers, or any profits. Your business will flatline.


Scary stuff!

As necessary as they are, leads can be difficult to obtain. In fact, a recent survey discovered that 60% of respondents found generating leads to be their biggest online marketing challenge.


In order to make a full recovery we need to find the Ultimate Lead Generation Tool.

Could eBooks be the answer?

In this blog post, we're going to take a good look at eBooks, from conception to promotion, to see if they really are the ultimate lead generation tool.

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The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing

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