Wyzowl Video Marketing Blog

How Long Should My Explainer Video Be? [Including Stats!]

An explainer video is a big investment, especially for start-ups and small businesses. The best way to get a return on that investment is for viewers to watch your video all the way through and act upon the...


10 Common Video Marketing Mistakes… and How to Solve & Avoid Them

Video marketing is a fast-moving and competitive game, and mistakes can really destroy your chances of winning. As a video marketing agency with over 1,800 videos under our belt, we’ve learnt a few things over the years. But we have also seen...

The 10 Best IT Explainer Videos of All Time

Marketing in the IT industry can be difficult. Not a lot of people understand the ins and outs of computing or software, and so trying to explain your product to viewers, and get them excited about it at the same time, is a real challenge.

20 Essential Video Marketing Stats for your Business

Stats are important. We use them to make informed business decisions. The problem nowadays is, stats are everywhere, and it’s difficult to filter out the ones that are no longer relevant (because they’re based on data from forever ago)...

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