Nonprofit organizations rely solely on donations from the public in order to function and continue to do the work that benefits their cause(s). So you could say that nonprofits depend more on great marketing campaigns than any other industry.

It doesn't take a genius to create a video. In fact, anyone with a smartphone can create a pretty good one. BUT to create a great explainer video takes a seasoned professional. The video market is well and truly saturated, with 99% of businesses stating that they will continue to use video throughout 2017. The only way to stand out is to create a video that blows all the rest out of the water. 

After making thousands of explainer videos, we've discovered that there are a couple of things that all the best explainer videos have in common. In this article, we're going to talk about what these key things are and how you can use them to make your video great. 

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, video marketing is a crowded industry. We all know that. But we also can't avoid it. Video ads work, and that is why all smart brands are making them and using them at the forefront of their marketing campaigns.

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