10 expert tactics to boost holiday sales

by Sarah Quinn on 27 November 2013

With just 4 weeks to go until Christmas, you no doubt have your holiday marketing strategy firmly in place. The great thing about Christmas is that no matter what you might be selling, someone somewhere will be buying. But if you’re sales are struggling to get off the ground…then take a look at these 10 top tips to help boost your sales!

1. Put an offer on it

Let’s be honest, Christmas is an expensive time of year for everyone. So people will always be on the lookout for a bargain. If your business is fairly new then you may not want to put loads of offers on your products – I mean how are you supposed to make any profit?! But, you don’t have to offer 50% off for people to take notice. It’s Christmas, so any saving will be well received, and you may end up moving more stock than you would if you kept your items at full price.

2. Gain their trust

If you are a new company struggling during the festive period then you need to gain the trust of the customer. Word of mouth is the most valuable currency of all so make sure you ask your customers to give you some feedback. You can then feature these great reviews on your website for future customers to see. You’ll be well on your way to building up trust before you know it.

3. Keep your customers in the loop

If your customers have ordered your product to be there in time for Christmas then they might be concerned about its delivery. If you are sending products in the post, then make sure you supply your customers with a track number so they will know exactly when their items will be delivered. If you’ve got time then you could even do the tracking for your customer and send out emails to show how reliable you are as a company.

4. Get social media savvy

So Christmas is the perfect time of year to show off your fun side and get creative with social media. Everyone is winding down for the holiday season, so it’s easier to get noticed. Think about posting fun content, like your team wearing silly Christmas jumpers, or taking part in a mince pie bake off, or even just posting your worst Christmas cracker jokes! The great thing about social media is that it doesn’t have to be about your product the entire time. All you need to do is get people talking about you and the rest will follow, so get creative this festive season!

5. Season’s greetings!

Tis the season…to send out holiday cards! Sending out Christmas cards to your previous customers, or businesses you intend to work with is always a nice touch. It really depends on who your audience is, but you could show off your products on your cards or send a fun picture of your team. You could even put an offer code inside the card so they can come onto your website and buy your product. Whatever you do, make sure your card stands out!

6. Show your compassionate side

Christmas is a merry time of year, but not for everyone. Think about giving part of your profits to a charity or helping out the community. Take for example Innocent – they are currently donating 25p of each bottle bought to Age UK. It’s not only a great way to feel good and give to someone less fortunate, but it could be the difference between people buying from you, rather than your competitors.

7. Are you mobile friendly?

Last minute shoppers will be using their smart phones to do Christmas shopping so make sure your website is responsive to work on any device. You could even consider sending offers and promotions via text message for the personal touch. And add QR codes so people can scan them and come straight through to your site.

8. Make your CTA visible!

Do you have plenty of call to action buttons on your website? Make sure you scatter them all over your site because there’s nothing worse than trying to find out where you are supposed to pay. It can put visitors off if they have to search for much longer than necessary and they may never return again.

9. Revamp your email contacts

Sending out emails is a great way to alert customers to your Christmas promotions. If you are looking for new customers then you could change your sign up buttons on your website to read ‘Sign up for exclusive holiday offers’ etc. This kind of messaging will be better received because it is exactly what your customers are looking for. You’ll have a list of names longer than Santa before you know it!

10. Freshen up your content

Take advantage of the holiday season by getting into the spirit of things with your content. You could blog about the holidays, mention Christmas in your copy and even change your design to make it more festive! You’ll be much better received and it may even help with your SEO as people will be searching for holiday terms now more than ever.


Happy selling!


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