10 Reasons Why Your Video Sucks!

by Matt Byrom on 01 October 2013


So as a video production team we like to think we know a thing or two about making a great video. But sometimes when a client comes to us with an idea, it’s difficult to get the balance right between what they want and what’s a good video. Here are my 10 reasons why some videos (not ours) suck…

1. It’s TOO long 1.-Too-long

Mistake number one, videos can be too long. We recommend that your video be no longer than 2 minutes. In fact when you look at the statistics even that’s too long. You need to keep your audience gripped and you wont do that with an incredibly long video! According to Visible Measures, you have 10 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention and by 1 minute, 45% of people tend to drop off. So make sure you video is short, sweet and snappy!

2.-Too-many-features 2. There’s too many features and not enough benefits

More often than not, if you’ve got a great product, you want to show off every single individual feature right? Well…this can often be the downfall to your video. Viewers don’t care too much for features, but they do care about how it will benefit them.


Think about a memory stick that hold’s 32GB of storage…The customer would rather hear that they could fit their entire photo collection on the stick, rather than the number of gigabytes it holds!Always make it relevant to how it benefits your customer, but don’t over-stuff it because your audience will switch off!


Which leads me to…


3. You’ve only gone and told the WHOLE story

As the creator of your product you will know it inside out so when it comes to your video, you’ll want to tell the audience EVERYTHING! Well….this can often be a big turn off. Your video needs to be a taster of what your product can do. Think about it like a trailer for a film, you don’t see the entire film in that trailer do you? No, you just get to see a glimpse of what the audience can expect and it entices people to go watch it. That’s exactly the process you should take when creating your video. Always leave your audience wanting more.


4. Your script is a snooze fest4.-Script-is-a-snooze

OK so if you’re looking to create an amazing animated video, you need to make sure you have a great story to tell. Remember when you were in school and your English teacher would always harp on about how a great story should have a beginning, middle and an end? Well, your teacher was right. The wrong approach to take is to let the cat out of the bag too soon and introduce your company from the offset.

The beginning of your video should start with the problems that your customers face. The middle of your video should present the audience with the answer to those problems (YOU) and then the end of the video tells your audience how you solve the problem and where they can find you! Check out this video we created for Naiku, for the perfect example of an animated video that tells the story just right:

5. Your voiceover is too wordy5.-Voiceover-is-too-wordy

The voiceover to your video should complement the animation. A classic mistake is to put too much effort into the voiceover and not enough into the action on screen. A 1-minute video is roughly around 140 words, which doesn’t sound like a lot to explain what you do, but if you use professional copywriters to produce your script then you will get everything you need to get your story across to your intended audience.

And another thing…

6. Your voiceover is badly recorded6.-Badly-recorded-voiceover

It may sound like a simple thing to do but a lot goes in to creating a professional voiceover. Using a standard desk microphone, only doing one take, pronouncing words incorrectly and having a monotonous tone to your voice are just a few of the mistakes that you can make if you decide to record the voiceover for yourself. The best thing that you can do is leave it to the pros and you can find some pretty cool voiceover artists at voices.com.



7. You didn’t pay for that tune!


If you’re not using royalty free music and you haven’t paid to use the track in your video, then you can get into serious trouble! YouTube will now recognise if a video doesn’t have the rights to use certain music and will blank out your audio if they feel that you haven’t got permission to use the track.

A great place to find royalty music is at AudioJungle and you can choose from thousands of different songs to put alongside your video.



8. Badly drawn characters

So you’ve decided to put characters in your video, but they’re lacking in attention to detail. When speaking to our illustrators, they told me that there’s nothing worse than a character that has his mouth on his cheek or his eyes where his forehead should be. Make sure you use professional illustrators who know a thing or two about drawing.



9. There’s not enough movement

Just like the voiceover can be too much, sometimes the animation can be too little. If there’s not enough movement happening on screen, then this can really turn people off. The reason a video is better received than text on screen is because you can see a story being played out on screen using illustrations. Nobody wants to sit through a video that is just a voiceover talking with nothing on screen but a static figure. Make sure when the voiceover is talking, there is plenty happening on screen too!


10. You have no CTA10.-No-CTA

If you’ve made a video and not put a call to action at the end then how do you expect to make any sales from it? Make sure you close with a great statement that will leave your potential customers wanting to hear more from you. Point them into the direction of your website, or your telephone number and always reaffirm why they need your product or service.




So why don’t you contact us and we’ll create an amazing video for you that wont include any of these common mistakes!

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