15 Brilliant Viral Videos To Get Your Wheels Turning

by Matt Byrom on 13 February 2014

From Star Wars kid to Numa Numa, the Internet has seen its fair share of viral videos. And when creating your own YouTube or Vimeo hit, a little guidance can go a long way. Here are fifteen examples of viral brilliance that’ll help get your creative juices going.

Ikea - Herding Cats


Sometimes embracing chaos is the best way to go. In this ad, the furniture giant, Ikea, releases 100 cats in a store in Wembley in the UK. The resulting video is as chaotic as it is organic, crescendoing in a heart-warming and resonant sentiment.

Smirnoff Raw Tea - Tea Partay


Satire is to viral videos what action is to blockbuster films. By tapping well-established views about the unconventional alcoholic beverage and brilliantly mixing distinctively un-cool high-society with hip-hop stereotypes, Smirnoff’s campaign drills straight into your subconscious and sets up shop.

Blendtec - Will it Blend


Released at a time when the iPhone was the gadget on everyone’s mind, Blendtec managed to make a name for themselves in an extremely unique way. In addition to disparaging a contemporary tech icon, the little-known business made a name for itself by demonstrating the power of their product.

Samsung - YouTube HD Camera Trick Challenge


Whether anyone’s falling for the rabbit-in-the-hat trick or not anymore, there’s something alluring about “magic”. Samsung mixes a call-to-action (the challenge), with a colloquial tone (the setting), and proves just how unique their product is, all in one short clip.

Dave Carroll - United Breaks Guitars


Light-hearted, universal, and unbelievably catchy, Dave Carroll’s country homage to a routine flight gone wrong was a rousing success in its day. The combination of emotional appeal, shear absurdity of the actions taking place, and the rather humorous approach to a stressful ordeal, made it an instant hit with anyone who’s suffered from airline abuse.


Hubspot - Sprocket Vision


April Fools Day has become something of an arms race for customers seeking viral validation. In 2013, HubSpot was the winner of this war. The team at the legendary marketing hub managed to self-deprecate, satirize, and even convince before the electronic music started blaring, making it one of the most memorable April Fools pranks in recent memory.

Crucial - Official Unofficial Office Computer Go-To Superstar


Effective videos demonstrate a knowledge of your audience, and in this way, Crucial hits a home run. Anyone who’s fixed a computer or two knows what it can be like to be the unofficial IT guy, and developing a “superhero” around this dubious designation, while pitching product in the process, was a stroke of sheer genius.

DC Shoes - Ken Block’s Gymkhana


With more and more of our world at our fingertips these days, wonder has become a precious commodity. Then DC Shoes put Ken Block in a Ford Fiesta. What ensues is an absolutely captivating, high-paced journey with copious cameras documenting every mind-bending trick and tire-melting turn.

Chuck Testa - Ojai Valley Taxidermy


You probably think you know everything about viral videos. Nope! Chuck Testa’s absurd local commercial hit the Internet like a rocket ship, resulting in spin-offs, spoofs, and even a rap video featuring the man himself. With videos like Mr. Testa’s making waves, it’s no wonder why video is open season for savvy businesses.

DollarShaveClub.com - Our Blades are F***ing Great


In a crowded market, making a splash is vital. That’s why Dollar Shave Club went for broke. What ensues is an absolutely absurd mix of dead-pan delivery situational nonsense, and unbridled bravado that put their product in the homes of millions, and their business on the map.

Ultra Ever-Dry - The Official Video


If you’ve got an incredible story to tell, sometimes all you need to do is tell it. With a dozen or more demonstrations of the amazing power of their product, Ultra Ever-Dry captures our attention in the rarest of ways: no frills, no camera tricks, just performance.

K-Mart - Ship My Pants


On the Internet, things operate a little differently. The humor, standards, and creative flexibility give it a life of its own, and K-Mart recognized that with their clever (if crude) play on words. Thanks to the shock value of the video and the humor associated, the company saw a great deal more pants shipping in the months that followed.

Inspired Bicycles - Danny Macskill 2009


Sometimes what carries a video is what it aspires to. Local bike shop Inspired Bicycles tapped Edinburgh rider Danny McAskill in a move that put both parties on the radar. Combined with an emotionally-charged soundtrack, the video continues to inspire today, some 5 years later.

TheFunTheory.com - Piano Stairs


Viral videos are always memorable, but the true winners are the ones that strike a chord (pun intended). The Fun Theory put together a set of stairs that functioned like a piano keyboard, prompting an increase in healthy behavior and documentation of the antics via hidden camera, providing viewers with a memorable, overwhelmingly positive experience.

MSI Computers - Guy Catches Laptop...


We don’t want to spoil the surprise on this one, but suffice to say that it’s the pinnacle of what makes the Internet so unique. The absurd and crass events that transpire leave an indelible impression that most remember to this day. If nothing else, the brief video demonstrates the versatility of MSI notebooks. Whether that versatility is of any real-world use, however, is up to you.


Creating memorable videos can be a challenge, but the videos listed here should help stoke the flames of your creativity. Whether your approach is serious, emotional, ridiculous, or just plain bizarre, take the opportunity to express your company’s unique personality, and you could be the next “What Does the Fox Say?"

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