The 15 Unbreakable Laws of Video Marketing

by Adam Hayes on 09 April 2014

Video marketing is a flexible science, but there are certain laws you should always avoid breaking where possible!

1. Define your audience
As with any sort of communication, video is a two-way street. As important as your message is, it's vital that you give just as much thought to your intended audience, and how they'll receive it.

Make sure you define your target audience, and then address them directly with every single aspect of your video. If you aim to engage everybody, you risk engaging get specific here and be targeted!

2. Plan it properly
We've all heard the saying 'fail to prepare, prepare to fail,' and it really rings true with video. The further you get into your project, the more time-consuming and difficult changes become, so you can avoid plenty of unnecessary headaches by getting clear about your strategy at the earliest opportunity.

3. Speak the right language
Whoever you've designed your video for, it's crucial that you communicate accordingly. You have to use the right language–jargon and complex terms are fine if you're targeting professionals or industry experts, but they can make your product seem inaccessible and confusing to lay people.

4. Make it fun
Modern viewers don't always have a great deal of spare time, so marketers must make every effort to hold their attention for as long as possible. Even with the driest of subject matters, there's often scope to add a bit of fun, whether it's through your script, character styles or the animation itself. The best videos are fun to make, and fun to watch too.

5. Don’t sacrifice quality
Video marketing can be a significant investment, and it may be tempting to cut corners and sacrifice on quality. However, it's important to resist this temptation. Videos often travel far and wide and it's important that their quality reflects well on your brand – the last thing you want is to make a bad first impression on potential customers. You can get a professional, high-quality video for less than you might think.

6. Keep it short
Of course, you're passionate about your product – and you can probably reel off a feature list as long as your arm. However, realistically, you have a maximum of between one and two minutes before your viewer loses interest and stops watching. So, your success depends on whether you can condense your overall pitch into that time period. You have to cherry-pick the most engaging stuff – and provide a clear call-to-action with direction about where interested viewers can find out more!

7. Brand it properly
Your video is a great chance to raise brand awareness. With the magic of YouTube and social media, it's possible for people far beyond your existing audience to see it. So it would be a huge missed opportunity to not brand it properly - make sure to include your logo and ideally your website address at some point in the video. It's also important to make sure that the overall look and feel of the video is consistent with your wider brand story.

8. Set the tone with music
Ok, this one isn't totally unbreakable but the majority of videos benefit massively from well-chosen and appropriate music. Music is a great way to build context and, while it sits in the background, the track you select actually says a lot about your brand.

9. Make sure you can legally use any music and sound effects!
You may have the perfect track in mind for your video – but if it's the latest chart-topper, or something you heard on the radio, it's best to err on the side of caution. Using this kind of music legally involves paying hefty royalties to the artist...and using it illegally puts you at risk of possible penalties. The way round this is to use royalty-free music, which you can download (safely and legally!) at a very affordable prices on websites such as Audio Jungle.

10. Include a call-to-action!
Imagine watching an awesome video, it's engaging, fun and approaches the end, and then...nothing. Failure to provide a clear call-to-action at the end of your video can fatally undermine the whole project. You've done the hard work by spiking your viewer's interest, so make sure that you capitalise on the interest your video has created and tell them specifically what they should do next – where do they buy your product, or find out more about it!

11. Don’t keep it to yourself
Taking delivery of your completed video is an awesome, satisfying feeling – but in reality, the hard work really begins here! Now you have your video, it's time to start distributing it. This means uploading it to YouTube, adding it to your website and sharing it on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

12. Optimize it so people can find it
Once your video is public, it's a mistake to think thousands of people will suddenly stumble upon it. It takes a fair amount of time and hard work to optimize your video so people can find it. There are a number of things to consider here – check out this really useful article for a quick introduction! 12 Valuable Tips for Video SEO Beginners

13. Use an appropriate voiceover
Voiceovers are a powerful tool in any video, and a great voiceover is something that is nearly impossible to achieve on your own. Not only is there the consideration of quality – most professional voiceover artists are working out of a professional recording studio – you also need to think about pace, pitch and delivery. We'd always recommend entrusting this job to a professional, ideally one who presents a great, consistent image for your brand.

14. Don't let it spiral out of control!
Making a video is an intensive process, and, if you don't manage things properly, it's easy for things to get out of control – you can start missing deadlines, incur unexpected expenses, and suffer all sorts of other maladies. Which is why you should...

15. Work with the right people
Deciding on which video production company to use is perhaps the biggest decision you'll make – so it's vital that you do your homework in advance. Check out the work they've made previously and make sure you like it. Read reviews, and check out their timescales. And make sure you're fully aware of their pricing policy and there are no hidden extras.

How we can help
With over 1000 videos behind us – from startups to Fortune 500 companies – we're getting to know a fair bit about the do's and don't's of video marketing! We look after every stage of your video project – from writing your script, to creating the visuals and animating the video, providing royalty-free music, sound effects and a professional voiceover. And guess what? We make revisions at every step of the process to ensure you're happy! Why not get in touch with us for a chat?

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