5 software tools to help market your business

by Samantha Ferguson on 19 September 2014

There are so many software tools available these days that promise to help you successfully market your business. Some of them are unreliable, some are expensive, but then others are free, revolutionary, and downright essential!

Here's five of our favourites!


We love HootSuite, and not just because of the cute, owl logo!

HootSuite is the world's most widely used social relationship platform, and is favoured by some of the biggest brands in the world (Virgin and Sony Music are among their loyal customers).

But the really great thing about this social media management software tool (try saying that three times fast!) is that there are packages available to suit any business. The free package is perfect for small to medium sized businesses as it offers simple management features such as:

  • A scheduling tool that allows you to set up posts to appear on social media at a time that suits you -- perfect if you want a constant presence online without having to constantly work!
  • A management tool allowing you to access your social profiles all in one place on the HootSuite dashboard
  • Realtime data reports on everything that you share on social media

The free package is limited however, only allowing you to schedule one future post at a time and keep track of three social media profiles. The next step up is the pro package which offers a massive 350 scheduled posts at one time, and 50 social profiles. The pro package is also available for a free 30-day trial right now so why not check it out?


You want to attract as many leads as possible, but when you have their attention it's important to nurture them. Marketing automation software, such as the package offered by Infusionsoft, can help you do this.

Infusionsoft definitely know a thing or two about keeping customers happy, as they themselves currently serve over 25,000 businesses. Their marketing automation package is centred around this attitude and allows you to focus on other things with the safe knowledge that your customers are in good hands.

Among other services their marketing automation package offers web activity monitoring so you can track visitor activity, and campaign templates that will automatically react to customers behaviours. The campaign templates send automated emails to your customers depending on any number of personalised specifications you wish to set, for example, certain dates:

"Hey Adam,

Here's your annual birthday voucher!"

or purchases customers have made:

"Hey Sarah,

Hope you love your new laptop!

Why not check out these USB drives..."

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a priceless software tool that allows you to track your marketing funnel from the first sniff of interest, all the way to keeping interest high for your loyal customers. It gives you the opportunity to collect an abundance of easy-to-digest data that allows you to see exactly where you're going right, and wrong.

With Google Analytics, you can trace the customer path and analyse visitor traffic to find out exactly how visitors appeared on your site. With data like this, you will then know where your strongest presence needs to be in order to attract more customers. You can also access how visitors interact with your site in order to determine which pages, keywords and campaigns resonate, and which perhaps don't work as well.

Google Analytics is a great way to view all of your reliable data in one place, and if your website generates fewer than 10 million hits per month then it's absolutely free!


Email marketing seems to have been replaced with social media marketing in recent years, but the truth is, you need both to successfully market your business!

MailChimp is probably one of the most widely-known email marketing software tools, and like HootSuite, is used by a range of companies, from small start-ups to the Fortune 500. MailChimp boasts a variety of packages with an assortment of features, one of which will surely be perfect for your business.

The free package is exactly that: FREE! No expiry date, no credit card required, and it allows you to send up to 12,000 emails per month to 2,000 subscribers. You can use their onsite email designer, or choose a pre-designed template to create great newsletters that are already optimized for mobile viewing. The free package also includes the option to embed signup forms on platforms that you already use.

Need more? The upgrade is only $10 a month (USD).


Like a couple of the other software tools we've mentioned in this blog, WordPress also has a free package available that is more than sufficient for most small businesses. And no one should ever turn down a free marketing tool! WordPress is the most popular online publishing platform, meaning that there are lots of potential customers there just waiting to view your amazing content.

It's simple to use and has hundreds of designs so there's one with a colour scheme and style to suit every brand. Another great thing about it is that you can integrate your site with social media platforms so people can access your blog via more avenues.

Think you have nothing to write? Or that your customers don't need/want to read blogs?

'B2B companies with blogs generate 67% more leads per month on average than non-blogging firms'.

Think again.

If you're not the most creative person, then why not outsource your content marketing like most companies tend to do these days? It's more cost-effective than you think and clearly worth every penny, as the above statistic confirms. Here at Wyzowl, we offer full content management packages, including full blog management. So if you want to hear more then get in touch!

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