5 things you can learn from Hollywood Movie Directors

by Sarah Quinn on 26 February 2014

From Spielberg to Scorsese, Cameron to Hitchcock, we’ve all got our favourite movie directors. But what have these influential Hollywood directors taught us about creating videos? Well, you’re about to find out….

1. Build the tension

Take a look at any Hollywood movie today and no matter what the genre may be, you’ll find tension building. Many directors tend to use it throughout most of the film so that it keeps us hooked from start to finish.

Some of the very best tension-building moments in cinema include Jurassic Park - when the electric fence is about to be turned on with poor little Tim on it, or in Back to the Future - when a tree gets in the way of sending Marty Mcfly back to where he belongs.

With a mixture of lighting, music and the sheer panic that something terrible is about to happen, building tension is a must for any successful Hollywood director.

Building tension in a video

As video makers, we like to translate tension building as the pain point. This is the part where we explain the problems that the customer faces, just before we introduce the solution!

2. Feature a close up

Similar to building up tension, a camera close up of the central character in a movie is very important. A close up can happen in all different parts of the film and it allows us to be able to connect or identify with the character. It’s also a great way for introducing the main character to the audience or showing characters experiencing emotion of some sort.

Great close ups include The Dark Knight Rises when we are initially introduced to the Joker as he’s just raided a bank - the camera zooms in as he takes off his mask to reveal that his face is caked in clown make-up.

The Close-up in a Video

This is the part where we introduce the solution! As a company, you are the solution that your customers are looking for so it’s important that you are the focus of your video!

3. Stay memorable

Keeping memorable is definitely something we can learn from directors such as Quentin Tarantino and Tim Burton. You could switch on any one of their films and you would know that they directed it just by watching a few seconds.

In the time that they have been in the film industry, they have created a classic style that is instantly recognizable. Even though each story is different, they will always stick to the same style. And it’s this style that keeps people going back for more. With Tarantino, it may be his unique dialogue, with Burton it may be his quirky wardrobe style.

Being memorable in a video

When it comes to creating a video, you need to stay true to your brand so that your customers will instantly recognize that it’s you, just by watching a couple of seconds.

4. Write a great script

Although some directors don’t necessarily write every script that they direct, they need to be able to know what will make a great story. Yes there have been undeniably terrible movies out there, but the best directors never fail to deliver.

It goes back to the days of school when your teacher used to go on about how a great story needs to have a beginning middle and end. Well, your teacher was pretty much right – I mean who wants to watch half a movie? The script needs to deliver and great directors know how to not only spot a great story, but to transform that story into an incredible movie.

The script in a video

Just like movies, a video needs a great script. Characters need to have depth and the audience needs to be able to relate to your character and connect to your message.

5. Create an unforgettable ending

If Hollywood directors have taught us anything, creating the perfect ending is extremely important. The ending of a film is of course what everyone leaves the cinema and talks about! It’s what the whole movie has been building up to and it can either make or break a film.

Some pretty amazing and memorable endings include Fight Club – when we find out that Brad Pitt was actually Edward Norton all along! Or Inception - when director Christopher Nolan left us wondering if the entire film was actually a dream or not.

Unforgettable endings in a Video

The ending to a video is just as crucial as it is in a movie, but we like to call it a CTA. A call to action basically tells your audience what to do next, whether you want them to go to your website, share your video, or call you up – the CTA is a must.

And here’s our unforgettable ending….

So there you have it – 5 things that you can learn from Hollywood movie directors! I hope you enjoyed the post and if you have any more to add then please let us know! Don’t forget – you can share this post via Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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