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FREE VIDEO ALERT! What is the State of Video Marketing in 2017?

With 2017 fast approaching, the time has come for us to start looking ahead at what the future has to hold for video marketing.

But we can't do this without your help!

We've created our annual report, The State of Video Marketing, and we're looking for expert marketers like you to take part.

Will you be increasing your spend on video? Has it improved your ROI? Are you going to be adopting any trends in 2017, such as Facebook Live, or 360 video?

This year's survey looks set to offer some fascinating results, so that's why we'd like your insights, experiences and opinions! The answers you supply will be invaluable to ourselves and other marketers in the industry seeking to understand the impact of video marketing.

It'll only take a few minutes to fill out, and to thank you for your support, we'll send you an exclusive Respondents Report document, giving you access to the data 24 hours before the results are announced.

VIDEO GETS RESULTS: Part One - Increasing Brand Awareness with Video

Increasing brand awareness is the first step towards increasing your customer base and sales. Video can help you do this! 

REVEALED! 17 Powerful Video Marketing Promotion Strategies

In the world of video marketing (or any type of marketing for that matter) your content isn't going to mean a darn thing, unless you promote it. 

How to choose the right style for your explainer video

Your explainer video should be an extension of your brand, so choosing the right style is a must! 

Why the first 5 seconds are the most important part of your explainer video

 If you don't hook your viewers in the first 5 seconds, you risk losing them forever! 

How We Increased Organic Blog Traffic by 53% (In 5 Minutes...)

This one simple technique could boost the performance of the blog articles you already wrote...

This one simple technique could boost the performance of the blog articles you already wrote...

New Data Reveals Consumers' Favourite Platforms for Online Video

Which video platform is best for your business?

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Can the colour of your video player actually influence the success of your video? 

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Have you adopted VR to your video marketing strategy yet?

Which Voiceover Type Works Best For An Explainer Video?

We're often asked this question. New research might bring us closer to answering it!

5 Companies using Facebook Live to Supercharge their Video Marketing


These companies are rocking Facebook Live! Let's see what we can learn from them...

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50 Priceless Video Marketing Tips from the Experts

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 As video content continues its phenomenal growth, savvy marketers are quickly grasping the epic opportunity that is pre-roll advertising.

The 4-Step Guide To Boosting Employee Engagement With Video

Employee engagement is, to quote Ron Burgundy, 'kind of a big deal.'

ANSWERED: How Much Does Animated Video Cost?

If you’ve ever considered getting an animated video about your brand, product or service, one of the first things that you’ll have thought about is how much it might cost. There’s no doubt that animated video boasts a multitude of fantastic benefits, but…how much is it all going to set you back? The last thing you want is to embark on a video project and find your costs spiraling out of control.

Using Video in Your Marketing Strategy - Keys to Success!

We're super-grateful to the wonderful Margot at Wistia for writing this guest post. We talk about Wistia a lot because, simply put, we're huge fans! We use them as our video hosts and we recommend you do, too. Enjoy the post...oh, and don't forget to check out the jointly hosted webinar we're presenting together on May 11th! Over to you Margot...

The Number 1 Mistake Video Marketers are Making!

This is one video marketing mistake you don't want to make...

FREE Webinar: How to Include Video in your Marketing Strategy

You're invited to join Wistia and Wyzowl as we both discuss how you can use video in your marketing strategy...

5 ways to Rock your Facebook Channel with Video Content.

 Find out how to tototally rock your Facebook channel using video content... 


The 4 Steps To Creating A KILLER Knowledge Video Series

When you hear the phrase "knowledge videos" it probably takes you back to your school days, trying to cram in a series of videos to help you study for your finals...

12 Lessons We Learned From Our First Attempt at Webinar Marketing

We hosted our first webinar back in February - and learned a LOT. Here's some things we wish we knew...

How to Find the Perfect Explainer Video Company for you

Creating an explainer video is not a light investment, so it's important to find the perfect company...

6 Businesses that Rock at Video Marketing...


Alright, I'm gonna call it; the world of online video is pretty unfair! How can a video with a kid getting his finger bitten receive millions of views, whilst quality business videos like your own struggle to get anywhere close?

Introducing WyzScan: The First App That Uses Facial Recognition to Capture Leads

AWESOME! 7 Amazing Homepage Explainer Video Examples

Need an amazing homepage explainer video? Read on! 


Which is the Best Video Hosting Site for Your New Video?

So you've created an awesome video, but what now? Find out which video hosting site is best for you...

17 Insane Explainer Video Stats for 2016!

No one likes outdated stats! Take a look at these insane explainer video stats - new for 2016!

Using Video to Help Your Support Team.

Find out the benefits for using video to help your support team...

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Become a social media rockstar with our top tips...

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Music, graphics, brand assets - what can you use in your video?

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Video is an amazing sales tool - check out these great tips.

Brand New to Video Marketing? 5 Things You Need to Know...

 Attention video rookies - this post's for you!

How to Use Video on Social Media

Video + Social = Success. We explain why - and how!

How to Generate More Leads & Improve Sales using Video: A Guide

The human attention span is getting shorter. In fact, scientists now reckon our attention is shorter than that of a goldfish! The point is, as marketers, we all want to generate more leads - and ultimately improve our sales - but it's tough, primarily because everyone is so easily distracted and busy. Generating leads and increasing sales is tricky business!

How to Use Video to Reduce Your Support Queries


Did you know that failure to resolve problems in a timely manner is one of the top two reasons for customer loss?

How to Effectively use YouTube for Video Marketing

 Let's start with the facts:

1. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. 

2. Since March 2014, the number of people watching YouTube videos has increased by 40%

3. YouTube has over a billion users which is almost a third of ALL people on the internet.

5 Reasons to use video to train your team

Training is one of those things that can seem like a necessary evil. Nobody really enjoys doing it - but it needs to be done to build and maintain high levels of knowledge and service across your business.

If only there was an easier way to make it more productive, more efficient, more accessible and more engaging for everyone involved?

What is a Video Storyboard and Why do you need one?

Here at Wyzowl we create storyboards everyday as part of the packages we offer our customers. So we fully understand their importance but you might be thinking what are they and do I really need one? Can't you just create my video?

Choosing the right voiceover for your video

Remember that old saying, 'It's not what you say, it's the way that you say it?' probably does matter a little what you say. But it's true that the way you deliver those words also has a profound impact on how they resonate with the audience.

Social Customer Service: The 1-2-3 Approach.

As businesses, and as consumers ourselves, we're used to social media networks being platforms for marketing and advertising. But it's the use of social media for the purpose of customer service that is becoming the main emerging reason people take to social to talk about brands. In fact 67% of consumers have used a company's social media site for servicing, compared with 33% for social marketing.

6 Tips for Promoting your Video

78% of marketers said they considered video an important part of their marketing strategy so creating a video for your business was a smart move. But what you need to know now is the best ways to promote your video.

What can Back to the Future teach us about modern day marketing?

Unless you've been living under a clock tower for the past 30 years, then you'll know only too well that Marty Mcfly is due to grace us with his presence on October 21, 2015.

Now, I don't know about you, but here at Wyzowl HQ we're all really excited about it! In fact, we're so excited that we actually made an animated video to celebrate....

Great Scott!

Check it out below if you want to find out what the REAL 2015 looks like for Marty Mcfly...

It's official - we have shorter attention spans than goldfish! [INFOGRAPHIC]

So we're all degenerating into a bunch of easily distracted, forgetful scatterbrains - but it's not all bad news...

What Makes A Great Explainer Video Script?

A man who was much cleverer than me - and had a much better beard - once said: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." When it comes to creating an explainer video, your script is your crucial first step - and it's arguably the most important!

Supercharge Your Email List Today

Email marketing has been declared dead more times than Dumbledore's pet phoenix, but - in our opinion - it remains an incredibly potent marketing weapon.

5 Ways to get More Engaged Social Followers

It's safe to stay that social media in business isn't just a passing trend. In fact, 80% of marketers have seen an increase in traffic as a direct result of their social media efforts.

But in order for your social media sites to be successful for your business you need to gain followers, but not just that they need to be engaged followers. So how do you do that?

Luckily for you in our latest video Hassan, our very own Social Media Executive, has put together five ways for you to get more engaged social followers...

And below is the full transcript for the video...


Hey, I'm Hassan, social media exec here at Wyzowl. In this video I'm going to give you five tips for getting more engaged social followers.

How to use video in email...

Video 'killed the radio star'. But it also did so much more than that!

Why Do People Love Apple SO Much?

Today, Apple launched the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus.

How To Generate Leads Using Ebooks

We all know that e-books are a powerful weapon when it comes to lead generation. But why do some e-books turn into lead machines - while others flounder? 

Video & Social Media: A Match Made in Heaven

When you consider the power of video and social media separately you can't argue with the fact they can do wonders for your business.

Let's look at some of the facts...

What can Jeremy Corbyn teach us about marketing?

This week has been a big week in the world of politics. Whether you're a daily subscriber to political affairs, or you associate red & blue with football, you'd struggle to not know who Jeremy Corbyn is. 

'Dislike' button coming to Facebook - or is it?

The web has been abuzz since yesterday's announcement by Facebook supremo Mark Zuckerberg that a 'dislike' button could be on its way to the social network

5 Reasons You Need To Start Blogging

It seems wherever you look online these days, people are talking about the benefits of blogging. With a proven track record of generating traffic and leads -  as well as building relationships with potential and existing customers - there are a heap of reasons why you should consider adding a blog to your marketing toolbox. Best of all, it really costs you nothing except your time - and you'll even have fun doing it!

Corbyn and Cameron get ready to rumble...[INFOGRAPHIC]

You'd have to be a pretty dedicated avoider of current affairs to have missed the recent media hoolpa over the Labour party leadership.

Why do you need a video for your mobile app?

So you've created a mobile app?


For the first time ever there are MORE mobile devices in the world than there are people. So if you're in the app making industry then you've definitely made a smart choice to reaching the biggest audience possible.

Using Video to Train your Team

From my experience of first days at new jobs, I've found that there seems to be three approaches to onboarding:

1. The throw you in the deep end and see if you can swim approach -- essentially no onboarding at all. All you can do is try and find a friendly colleague that will hopefully show you the ropes.

2. The we're very efficient, but not really approach -- the old school approach to onboarding. A presentation on a dusty projector, lots of documents to read and sign, and, if you're lucky and your employer can find the VHS, an '80s training video.

3. The 21st Century approach! - The best way to onboard. A file on your desktop filled with useful assets and cool training videos that you can access whenever you want.

While I've nothing against hilariously outdated training videos, like this gem by Wendy's:

How Long Should My Video Be? A Guide

One of the questions we're most frequently asked by our clients is, 'How long should my video be?'

NASA: the first content marketers?

We've all seen the famous, grainy images of man's first tentative steps onto the moon's surface. 'It's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.' 

5 Examples of Great Customer Service

Let's start with the bad news: 

8 Easy Ways to Build More Twitter Followers

Twitter is a great platform for your business. 

What is the Best Animation Software? [Free Download]

Creating an animated video is such a fun process. But, what is the best animation software? Read our eBook to find out!As you may know, Wyzowl is made up of a team of creatives that specialise in making bespoke animated explainer videos. It's our belief that animation is one of the most creative and popular ways to reach and engage your audience. And, take it from us, the process of bringing an animated video to life is a lot of fun! So we totally get it when people want to go down the DIY route.

We hear you, and we support you.

In fact, we support you so much that we've created a free eBook to help you decide which 'DIY' animation software package is best for your needs. The guide covers 6 of the most popular animation software packages on the market:


Simply click the banner below for your free download.

The History of Home Technology Infographic

When we look back over the past 40+ years, it's clear to see that home technology has changed dramatically. 

REVEALED! The 5-3-2 Social Media Rule Will Save You Hours

We've all got that one friend that brags about their high-flying job, their awesome love life or the swanky Apple Watch they just bought ... and if you can't think of who it is in your group then chances are, it's you. 

Free ebook: Inbound Campaign Checklist.


Inbound methods of marketing cost, on average, 62% less than traditional outbound marketing practices and generate 3 times as many leads.

Free ebook: Create Buyer Personas That Work!

Bottom line -- buyer personas are really, really important.

Free ebook: How to Build & Grow an Engaged Social Audience.

A study into "Putting Social Media to Work" found that engaged social consumers spend between 20 and 40 percent more money on companies they follow online.

Free e-book: Your Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing


72% of marketers feel that content marketing is an essential part of their business and with SO many awesome benefits, it's not hard to see why...

10 Smart Tips I Learned From Interviewing Neil Patel

Recognized by President Obama as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30, Neil Patel is - as he puts it – kind of a big deal..

How to Generate Leads Using E-Books & Guides

Whatever product or service you're selling online, we all know the importance of lead generation. It's a fundamental part of the Inbound Methodology and the start of countless customer relationships.

What do great explainer videos have in common?

If you've made the decision to take the plunge and get an explainer video created, you'd be in good company. If the research is to be believed 69% of online traffic will consist of video content by 2017 which is pretty huge, and it's also likely to increase your chance of front page Google ranking by 53 times!

What is the Inbound Methodology - and how does it really work? [Video]


You've probably heard about the Inbound Marketing Methodology.

But what does it really mean - and how does it work in the real world?

Well, we're huge advocates of this scientific strategy. It was originally coined by our friends at Hubspot - a tactical framework designed for the digital age, proven to gradually turn perfect strangers into repeat customers, raving fans and brand champions. 

The Ultimate Guide: How To Create The Perfect Explainer Video

We don't like to sound our own horn (toot toot) but we've now made over 1,250 explainer videos, for more than 750 clients worldwide. And we like to think we're getting pretty darn good at it.

4 Signs you need a Web Video Production

If you're new to the world of internet business then chances are you'll benefit from a web video production. In fact, even if you are a veteran of the online world of business, a video could totally revamp your brand and generate a huge amount of conversions for you.

Online videos are very powerful marketing tools for the simple reason that customers enjoy watching them.

In this post, we are going to present four signs that you need a web video production. If you agree with even one of these points then I suggest you check out our video packages page!

Which voice over should you use for your video?

When you make the decision to create a video production for your business there are many elements to consider. You've no doubt thought about what message you want to give, the style of animation or filming you want used and the story you want shown. But, there is another element that can often get forgotten about until the last minute, which is choosing the right voice over, when in fact this should be something you consider a lot earlier. It's important because it's the part of your video that will be conveying your message and tying the overall story together.

5 signs you're working with the wrong content marketing agency

REVIEWED: Which animation software should YOU choose?

So, you're looking for some animated video production software?


Animated videos are taking over the video marketing world so it's important to have your own in order to keep up!

Who knows, you might even strike gold like the Dumb Ways to Die Metro ad that became the 3rd most viral ad of all time. Or, the Crazy Egg explainer video that increased conversion rates by 64%.

However, it is difficult to create an animated video, especially to a professional level. In fact, some people even consider animation to be the most skilled form of video creation.

Luckily though, there are lots of different software packages out there to suit every budget, every need, and even every skill-set -- because unfortunately we can't all be animation whizz-kids!

In today's blog we are going to compare 3 different animated video production software companies. One that is basic, one that is premium, and one that is elite. So that you can decide which is the best one for you!

Animation Costs vs. Value: Does Video Pay for Itself?

Okay, so we've talked a lot about animation costs in recent weeks. If you need a quick recap then check out our post: 'How much does a Great Animation cost for your Company?'

From our research, we know that the average cost of an animated video for your company is around $9000 (£6000), or $4000 (£2,500) if you get one from Wyzowl.

However, the most important question is not how much video costs, but how much value it can add to your company.

Does video pay for itself?

Short answer: Yes.

Videos are an investment for your company, so no matter what the flat cost is, you will be set to make returns. We are so confident that video pays for itself that in this blog we're going to list, not 5, not 10, but 15 reasons why video is a valuable investment for your company!

Banksy Comes to Wyzowl!

How video helps you get more app users...

5 Signs you need an Animated Video for your Small Business...

Here at Wyzowl, we love animated videos!

But hey, who doesn't?

In fact, we did a survey and found that 44% of video marketers PRIMARILY use animated explainer videos. So, it appears it's not just Wyzowl who are passionate about animation!

An animated video will offer endless benefits for your small business -- they're fun, they're persuasive, and they build trust.

But, how do you know if you really need an animated video?

Well, in this blog post we're going to go through 5 signs that you need an animated video for your small business. So, read on for some animated video enlightenment!

5 Easy-Peasy Solutions to Animated Video Production Problems

So you're in the planning stages of creating an animated video production? Good for you! You're about to connect with your audience, increase your traffic and improve your ROI. 

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Truth about Content Marketing in 2015

Way back in 1993 we saw the birth of content marketing when the very first e-book was released on the web. 

ANSWERED! How Much Does Animation Cost For Small Business?

The general consensus is that good animation costs more than a small business can afford; now that could be true but it all depends on what you want, what you expect and where you go. If you're planning to knock on Pixar's door then it will cost you a small fortune, however, try knocking on some other animation doors and it could cost you less than $3,010 a minute (£2,000*). 

The State of Video Marketing 2015: The Results Are In!

At the beginning of this year, we wrote a blog on the State of Video Marketing. We felt the need to blog about this topic because all of the video marketing stats that were floating around on the web were super-dated.

So, we created our own survey filled with all the questions that we think need answering in order to get up-to-date, relevant statistics from industry professionals, and now...

The State of Content Marketing 2015: The Results Are In!

At the beginning of this year, we wrote a blog on the State of Content Marketing. We felt the need to blog about this topic because all of the content marketing stats that were floating around on the web were super-dated.

So, we created our own survey filled with all the questions that we think need answering in order to get up-to-date, relevant statistics from industry professionals, and see what the future holds for content marketing. And now...

What is Visual Communication & How can it help tell your Brand Story?

Why Design Agencies Need to Start Offering Web Video Production...

If you run a design agency then you probably already offer a ton of valuable services, but have you ever considered web video production?

5 Things to Consider when Creating a Video Animation for your Business

Creating a video animation for your business can be a bigger decision than you might first think. Brand videos are an ambitious venture because they condense everything that you want to say about your business into a short, visual format. It's like putting your elevator pitch out there for everyone to see, so it has to be perfect.

In this blog, we're going to talk you through the five most important things to consider when creating a video animation for your business.

What's involved in animated video production?

It seems like everyone is making videos these days, and it's no wonder! Did you know that an introductory company email that includes a video receives an increase in click-through rates by 96%?

Videos are the most engaging content available to brands that want to increase their web presence and attract more customers. Animated videos are a favourite among big brands like Twinings and John Lewis because they are eye-catching and magical. But, animated videos are also widely used by start-up companies too because they are so cost-effective!

In this blog post, we're going to talk you through every step involved in animated video production -- including how long you can expect it to take!

Writing an Explainer Video Script: Why and How?

An incredible filmmaker once said: To make a great film you need three things: the script, the script, and the script.

The same applies to making a great explainer video!

Video marketing is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. With so many of the world's largest brands widely adopting video into their marketing strategy, and more and more customers expecting videos from companies it is steadily becoming the most widely used form of marketing. An example of this is the fact that Facebook video views have hit 3 billion daily, tripling since early fall 2014.

So, it's safe to say, video is a medium that all marketers should be taking advantage of. The backbone of any great video is the script, and in this blog we're going to talk you through why you need a great explainer video script, and how to write one!

How to Come Up With Content Marketing Ideas That Work

Did you know that the search term 'Content Marketing', brings up more results than the president himself, 'Barack Obama'?

The reason for this is because EVERYONE wants a piece of the content marketing pie. And by pie I mean, more followers, more leads and more sales.

Yep it's true, content marketing is the key to growing your business.

But if you keep pushing out content only to get nothing back in return then it can be pretty soul destroying. Believe me, I know.

So how do you come up with ideas that will actually work? Check out my 5 step guide to find out...

Step 1: Remember, it's not about you

Well, It's about you a little bit, but that comes in step 2. The first thing that you have to realize if you want to create content that works is that your customers need to be at the heart of your strategy.

So who are your customers? What do they like to share? Do your market research and find out who they are, so you can effectively target them.

Take a look at this video that Microsoft created for the launch of the new Internet Explorer. It's no big secret that Explorer is probably the last web browser you'd ever use. Even Microsoft know this, which is why they created this video...

Why does it work?

It works because it's highly targeted at their audience -- the web savvy 25-35 year olds who grew up during the birth of the internet.

Admit it, we all like thinking back to when we were younger, and that's why this content resonates with their target audience.

The key messages here are that IE grew up with their audience, they're trying to convince them that they are on the same level, and that they've ultimately improved their product.

4 Video Marketing Mistakes People STILL Make!

Video marketing is great! Everyone knows that by now. And, it's not just great for businesses, it's also great for consumers who love to watch videos for advice, information, or just for fun. There are 4 billion views per day on YouTube alone, so video marketing clearly works. Win-Win.

Not quite.

There are pitfalls and mistakes to be made in any venture, and video marketing is no exception. Sure, 4 billion videos are watched each day, but statistics have also found that 1/3 of users actually switch off by the 30 second mark.

In this blog we're going to go through the four biggest video marketing mistakes that make users switch off. Luckily, video marketing is still in it's infancy so there's plenty of time to rectify your mistakes, and who knows, maybe hit the viral jackpot.


Mistake One: You're Too Passionate!

What Makes a Great Infographic?

Did you know that we remember 80% of what we see, yet only 20% of what we read? The power of visual content is hard to ignore. And that's why an infographic is such a valuable piece of content. Not only is it one of most engaging ways to tell your story, but businesses who market with infographics actually gain on average 12% more traffic than those who don't. So what makes a good infographic? Well, you're about to find out...

1. A Targeted Audience

As with any piece of content, if you want your infographic to be a success then you need to create one for your target audience. When coming up with the concept, do your research and find out what your audience likes, so that you can create an infographic that they will just have to share because it's so on-point with their thoughts. Think about it like this. Your target audience has a problem (otherwise you wouldn’t exist) and your job is to solve that problem. When coming up with concepts, your goal should be to show your audience that you are their solution, using the creativity of an infographic. If you don't have one, make sure you create a buyer persona so you know exactly who you are creating your infographic for.

Exclusive Bonus: Download an awesome template to help you create your own buyer persona today!

7 Powerful Stats That'll Make you Better at Content Marketing

2014 was a great year for content marketers. We saw our social feeds fill up with everything from blogs, infographics and e-books, to white papers, podcasts and videos.

We created and posted more content than ever before, which has resulted in 93% of organizations now using content to market their brand.

How to Marry Buyer Personas with Great Content


Do you get loads of clicks to your content, but fail to get anything from your call-to-action? The problem won't be that your content is bad, it's that you're not resonating with the people who matter -- your audience.

Stories or Features? Which makes the Best Explainer Video?

Happy 2015 Everyone!

I'm sure you know by now that here at Wyzowl we create all different kinds of explainer videos. But which type is the best, stories or features?

Our story videos are animated, and usually include characters and situations that help to...well, tell a story! And, feature videos offer a kind of technical breakdown of your exact website, or mobile app. So, both have clear advantages, but to determine which is best we'll have to dig a little deeper...

The Evolution of Content Marketing

When Bill Gates wrote 'Content is King' back in 1996, he was bang on the money. 18 years later, content is highly regarded as one of the best ways to draw in leads, drive sales and promote your brand. And with 93% of marketers using content today, it just goes to show how forward-thinking the former CEO of Microsoft really was.

8 Brands that are Killing it on Vine

Did you know, that a Vine video is shared on Twitter every five seconds? Vine offers a free opportunity for brands to create fun and engaging videos, so it's hardly surprising that so many brands can be found on this social platform.

Twitter vs Facebook: The Social Media Debate

An impressive 93% of marketers use social media within their business, and rightly so. With so much potential to build your brand and develop a large following of prospects, it makes me wonder how the other 7% are attracting business.

iOS8 launches – and brings power of video to the App Store!

The dust is just about settling after the launch of Apple's new operating system, iOS8 last month. And, while the new iteration features a bunch of exciting changes, the one that really caught our eye was the introduction of App Previews – short video previews which will put video content very much front and centre of the App Store.

5 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing isn't Working

I'll admit it, content marketing can be seriously annoying. You've read the blogs, you've researched the stats and you've put your awesome content out there, but you're still not seeing the results.

7 Simple Rules to Make Social Media Work for your Small Business

As a start-up, running a business in the most cost-effective way is crucial to success. The great thing about social media is that it doesn't really cost any money to make it work for your business. So how do you ensure that you're getting the most out of your social platforms?

How to use video in your content strategy

There are so many companies out there fighting for some of the online spotlight. If you want to get noticed then your content strategy must be constantly evolving in order to deliver exactly what your customer wants and needs, and it has to be easy for them to find. So you could post on Facebook or Twitter a couple of times a week, but with videos now so famously being referred to as 'worth 1.8 million words' maybe it's time to get visual.

Quality vs Quantity – The Content Marketing Struggle

When it comes to your content marketing, what is more important, quality or quantity?

Do the 10 most powerful brands use content marketing?

Let's be honest, we all like to have a gander at Forbes list to find out which companies are making the most money, in the hope that we'll get lots of tips and appear on it someday.

The Secret To Getting More Leads With Content Marketing

Content marketing is rapidly becoming synonymous with marketing itself, with many businesses jumping on board and using content to connect with prospective customers over traditional marketing tactics. But content marketing is still relatively new, and there’s a lot we’re continuing to learn about how to best use content to grow your business.

Worldwide freight made easy with Intercargo!

Increasingly, in today's modern world, businesses are expected to ship products to all four corners of the globe. Intercargo is a platform that allows you to get instant quotes, order and pay for shipments, and even track your shipments as they go!

Let your customers pay smarter with SmartPay!

In today's ultra-competitive world, many businesses rely on successful up-selling to drive sales and increase those profit margins. The problem is that, however much your customers may want to buy a more expensive item, sometimes they simply can't afford to.

Guest Blogging: Is it still useful?

When Google's Matt Cutts penned a blog entitled 'The decay and fall of guest-blogging for SEO' early this year, he delivered another heavy blow to an increasingly-criticised practice.

Is Content Marketing Right for You?

Since launching our Content Marketing service, we've been busy blogging about how effective content can be for a company.

How To Calculate Content Marketing ROI

6 Ways design has Changed and How to Stay Relevant

Like everything else in this world, design is constantly evolving into something better. With 2014 well under way, there's some cool trends out there that are definitely here to stay.

Instantly scan & share documents with Scanny

Scanning documents can be a time-consuming process. And, oftentimes - if you're travelling on business, for example - you collect papers that are important, and simply have to keep hold of them until you can scan them at a later date.

Grow your business with the Conduit Mobile Reseller Program

The Conduit Mobile Reseller Program makes it really easy for anyone to grow their business with mobile apps. This program helps people create white label apps and then sell them on to their clients.

How to Triple Your Leads Using Content Marketing

The key is to create content that speaks to your followers, so much so that they want to share it with their friends. The more people that see your stuff, the more likely it is that people will come to you. Check out these 5 simple rules to follow when it comes to creating content that will bring in more leads...

Goal-setting made easy with Strides!

Ok, there's no 'sure-fire' secret to success. But one incredibly powerful tool that many successful people often speak of is goal-setting. Setting realistic, achievable goals is an incredible way to increase your motivation and achieve more.

10 brands killing it with Content Marketing

There's little disputing that Content Marketing represents the present and future of marketing. With so many marketers - 93% in fact - now concentrating on content as a vehicle to grow their brands, we thought we'd pick out ten companies who we think are really doing a great job.

A web-based tool that helps you target the right people

Fed up with not getting shares, or likes on your posts? Ever get the feeling that your content marketing is going to waste? CisionPoint is a web-based tool that can help your company target all of your awesome content to the right people.

The B2B Content Marketing Guide

Consumer purchases are often impulsive and emotional - how often have we bought a product we didn't really need? Maybe we liked the branding, saw a persuasive advertisement or were seduced by a special offer or promotion.

Get the trading insights you need with Aspen Trading

Trading the markets is an awesome way to make more money, whether you're a hobbyist or a professional. But making that money isn't always easy - it requires solid understanding and up-to-date, actionable insights. That's why it was really great for us to work with the awesome guys at Aspen Trading whose service is all about giving traders the data and insights they need to be successful.

Freenom Needs People Like You!

Covery is the perfect tool for your Facebook covers!

Are you planning a wedding?

Then maybe you should check out The Wedding Playlist! This super-cool website lets you set up an account so that your friends and family can log in and request songs for you to play at the wedding.

The 5 Elements of a Great Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is definitely a hot topic and with an impressive 93 percent of organizations relying solely on content marketing to build their brand, it's hardly surprising that you'd want to do the same. But if you've only just set up your business and you haven’t got a plan sorted yet, how do you know where to start?

Wimbledon is on its way...

Product Management with ProdPad!

How to Choose the Right Content Marketing Agency

Why content?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you will know that content marketing is extremely important to the success of your business. Sharing different types of content around the web with your name on it, is one of the most effective ways to drive more traffic, get better leads and improve your sales.

The 4 types of content you need to start creating

Over recent months and years, content marketing has enjoyed a phenomenal growth in popularity. It's gradually become THE marketing strategy you need to embrace, and its growth shows no signs of slowing down.

The World Cup is here - we explain the offside rule!

Can an Explainer Video Help Raise Awareness of your Startup?

Trying to get people to notice you in the early days is so important for the success of your business, yet it can seem like a steep uphill challenge. With so many different marketing tools out there, can an explainer video really help raise awareness of your startup?

Connecticut Physicians Services are taking care of everything!

Physicians have tons of stuff to worry about. Not only do they have to focus on delivering outstanding patient care, they also face IT problems as well as an ever-changing world of healthcare reform. It's a tough job!

The Startup Marketing Roadmap

If your business is a startup, then you know the challenges you face are very unique. However, you’re not alone. You may have spent weeks, if not months, toiling over how you can bring in new customers to your business. A lot of times you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and not making any progress.

Using Social Media Insights to Develop Content Ideas

Small businesses to large international brands know the power of social media to engage their customers. A recent study found that 81% of small businesses use social media to drive growth while the other 9% in the study plan to use it in the future.

8 Easy Design Tutorials for Better Visual Content

We’ve all seen that website, blog post, or eBook that just plain blew our minds. It was beautiful, it was organized, and it made us want to create something awesome.

The owl has landed on Instagram - follow us @Wyzowl!

Like the cool kids, we might be fashionably late to the party...but we're now on Instagram! Check out our account and follow us at :)

What are the common traits of awesome videos?

As more businesses embrace the incredible power of video, there's a steady proliferation of new video content into the marketplace. Of course, they always differ in concept, style and content, but the very best among them seem to have many things in common. We've now made over 1000 videos, so we're getting pretty good at recognising what makes awesome videos 'be awesome.'

A Guide to Branding Your Business Online

When we think of marketing we tend to default to television commercials, newspaper ads, billboards, and more of the traditional advertising approaches. These things are merely outputs of the larger marketing plan that a company has outlined for itself.

4 Ways to Attract New Customers Online

Do you find yourself wishing you had more customers? Who doesn’t! It’s time to take an honest look at whether you’re doing everything you can to take advantage of the vast resource right at your fingertips – the Internet.

How to Use Videos to Make Stats Less Boring

In any presentation, it is important for the presenter to find creative and thoughtful ways to connect with their audience. The use of animation in a presentation can keep the mood a bit livelier. However, excessive animation can actually detract from your presentation if not managed well.

The Brilliance Behind Old Spice's Quirky Commercials

How To Use Video To Sell More Online


You spend a lot of your time on the computer, reading emails, checking blog updates, avoiding work, and drowning in a sea of information. The problem is, so does everyone else. The tired minds you need to find to sell product are sick of old sales tactics, yearning for something new to turn their Internet browsing drudgery into something enjoyable. Fortunately, your sales team and your business have a new weapon at their disposal. Through the time-tested medium of video, your presentation, connection, and image can receive a boost, leaving boredom in the dust.

Why “Going Viral” is a Bad Strategy

Almost everyone who's Internet savvy has heard about "going viral".["Going viral" means your content resonates so immensely that it becomes the latest big thing across cyberspace. When your content gets liked, retweeted, republished, commented on, blogged about, and talked about -- earning more views than you imagined.

Wyzowl: The Elements of a Boring Corporate Video


Billy Mays was one of the most successful pitchmen of all time. Why? Because his genuine delivery turned night-time ads into experiences, connecting you with Oxyclean in a way that you never thought possible. His delivery was the antithesis of the boring corporate sales pitch, and by understanding the elements that contribute to soulless, sleep-inducing video, your appeal will be more Mays and less EULA.

How to Get Your Customers to Emotionally Invest in Your Business

When you consider some of the most successful brands in the world like Coca Cola, Mcdonalds, Nike and Google, they all have one thing in common. They have an emotional connection with their customers.

Crowd-funding & cold drinks: how video fuels business ideas

Back in the day, if you had a business idea and needed to fund it, your bank manager became your best friend. And if his answer was no, you were pretty much screwed.

How to define your brand voice

'Brand voice' is one of those marketing buzzwords that you either love or hate. In simple terms, it just means the style of language your business uses when communicating with its customers. In this blog, we'll strip away all the hot-air and talk (in plain English!) about exactly what brand voice is and why it's important. We'll look at some great examples, and help you decide what your company's brand voice should sound like. We'll also offer some helpful tips in rolling it out across your brand!

Get stuff done, with 'did u?'

We all have so much to do these days that 'To Do...' lists can be a great help. But the whole thing can just be so impersonal and sterile. That's why it was really fun to work with the guys behind 'did u?' - a new, task-assignment app that brings fun and accountability to the whole task tracking thing!

5 Brands Who Turned Bad PR Into A PR Win!

We've all heard the saying 'there's no such thing as bad PR' but how far would you go to get publicity? When mistakes are made in the public eye, the best thing you can do is to turn it into a great PR story and hope for the best.

Array Architects: Changing the way healthcare environments are designed

It might not be something that the lay person thinks about all too often, but next time you're in a doctors practice or hospital, take a look around and remember that the whole thing started out as a series of sketches.

Printing? Why not Print4aCause?

Patient visits go online with QwikVisit

It's a familiar scenario we all face at one time or another. We have a minor health issue, or need a routine follow-up with our doctor. But getting an appointment can be difficult, and physical visits mean time off work and disruption in our already hectic lifestyles. This system isn't great for providers either - it hurts their revenue and productivity to spend so much time on routine cases, and their patient satisfaction also suffers.

iCarol - helping your nonprofit call centre help others

Call-centre managers have a really tough job on their hands. It takes a very precise science to ensure things run smoothly, with loads of stuff to think about - do you have enough staff? Are all your shifts covered? Do your workers have access to the resources and information they need?

Know more with Knoema's awesome World Data Finder

Have you ever been reading an article and wished you had the ability to quickly, and easily check the facts? If so, 'World Data Finder' - a free Google Chrome extension from our friends at Knoema - might be just the solution you're looking for!

How to tap your corporate history for a better brand story

Have an egg-cellent Easter!

6 Simple Steps to Increasing Conversions with a Video

Did you know that shoppers that view a video are 85% more likely to buy, than visitors who do not? As one of the most engaging ways to connect with your audience, a video is a sure-fire way to increase your conversion rates.

The 15 Unbreakable Laws of Video Marketing

Customer Focus: Zitecraft

We all know that a slick, professional online presence can lead to enormous benefits for businesses. You're probably already spending time on your social media presence...but your own website? The whole concept can seem overwhelming and complicated.

WORLD FIRST: Owl Learns Animation Skills!

We are so eager to announce that we have achieved the impossible! We have managed to train an owl to use After Effects. Check out the FULL story below......

How to create a video that will convince others of your expertise

Would you rather learn about a company by watching a fun video that shows off their best bits, or read about them in a long paragraph of boring text? Lets face facts, the power of visual communication is hard to ignore

19 Apps and Tools To Help You Create Better Content

Content is key for any website. Quality content however can seem daunting, is often expensive, and can be cumbersome if you are creating it yourself. Thankfully there are a number of tools and apps out there that can help you create high-quality content.

6 Irrefutable Reasons Why Video Works for Ecommerce Sites

Customer Focus: ARISApp

Here at Wyzowl, we're very lucky to work with some fantastic people who have created amazing apps and products, and it's always good to find out more about the people behind the brand. A few months back we worked on a video for the guys behind ARISApp, a mobile productivity application for teams. Check out the original video below:

Behind The Scenes of Special Effects Infographic

You probably won't be surprised to read that most movies made today are packed with a variety of special effects. Since the premiere of movies like Titanic, Avatar, The Great Gatsby, Inception, Lord of The Rings, and other Hollywood hits, the expectation for high-quality special effects in films has continued to rise. In the following infographic, we're shedding light on a few different types of special effects used by movie directors and producers today. We'll spend time featuring computer generated imagery (CGI), animatronics, makeup and prosthetics, computer editing software, and old-fashioned camera tricks. Take a look:

Which Social Media Networks Are Actually Worth Your Time?

With so many social media platforms out there, how do you know which ones are right for your business? From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Pinterest, we take a look into the best social sites for you…

The Journey of a Wyzowl Video!

Have you ever wondered how we make our videos?

How to plan a video project

The Power of Visual Communication Infographic

Visual communication is described as the conveyance of information and ideas in forms that can be read or looked upon. According to studies, people tend to remember about 20 percent of what they read, and only ten percent of what they hear. In comparison, the same studies have shown that people tend to remember an impressive 80 percent of what they see and do. In the following infographic, we're making a case for the power of visual communication. We'll start by providing a few more statistics on the effectiveness of the visual. Next, we'll provide a quick history of the existence of visuals. Finally, we'll outline the introduction and evolution of a number of visual styles. Take a look:

How to Market a Business on Facebook Infographic

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook fast became the most successful social media site to date, so it comes as no real surprise that every business wants to market themselves on the site! We've put together this gif infographic to provide you with our top 7 tips on how you can become a roaring success on Facebook in no time at all!

5 things you can learn from Hollywood Movie Directors

From Spielberg to Scorsese, Cameron to Hitchcock, we’ve all got our favourite movie directors. But what have these influential Hollywood directors taught us about creating videos? Well, you’re about to find out….

How To Create a Captivating Video Series

What Does the Fox Say” was stuck in everyone’s head by the end of 2013, reaching heights that most businesses can only hope to find. But what separates the costume clad geniuses behind this viral hit from the savvy brands finding footing on YouTube is sustainability. Going viral is a combination of luck and skill, but building a web presence online with a captivating series is an endeavor that will pay for itself in spades. Here’s how to turn your knowledge into a viewership, and your brand into a staple.

5 Ways To Optimize Your YouTube Videos

YouTube is a lot like a deep-sea fishing trip: there’s a lot of fish, but sticking a hook in the water doesn’t guarantee a bite. In order to land a noteworthy haul, you need to bait the hook, fish in the right places, and avoid scaring off your catch. Here are five ways to enhance and improve your video marketing efforts through time-tested and watertight methods of optimization.

Seven rookie video marketing mistakes to avoid

Video marketing really is terrific – we’ve blogged at length about how it’s a compelling way to tell your brand story, sell your products and reach a wider audience.

5 Questions For Determining The 'Virality' of Your Content

Being the “loudest voice in the room” is not as easy as it used to be. The traditional megaphones of high-profile ad spots and full-page print ads are a thing of the past, and virality is the wave of the future. So how do you determine whether your content is share-worthy? Here are five questions that can help shape your efforts and push your content into the far corners of cyberspace.

What children’s books can teach you about storytelling

15 Brilliant Viral Videos To Get Your Wheels Turning

From Star Wars kid to Numa Numa, the Internet has seen its fair share of viral videos. And when creating your own YouTube or Vimeo hit, a little guidance can go a long way. Here are fifteen examples of viral brilliance that’ll help get your creative juices going.

The Irrefutable Laws of Video Branding

Branding is a tricky science. Managing customer expectations while building good vibes is a practice that's well compensated for a reason. But making an impression with customers is not impossible, particularly if you follow some tried and true rules for building a brand through effective video. In this post, we're highlighting a few irrefutable laws of video branding.

Rise of The Video Empire Infographic

According to recent research, the average Internet user is likely to watch roughly 206 videos each month. Based on that statistic, it may not surprise you to read that almost seventy percent of marketers now incorporate video into their marketing campaigns. In the following infographic, we're making the case for video and including information that will convince you of how important developing and sharing video is to your overall content marketing efforts online. We'll start by including a number of compelling statistics about the state of video today. Next, we'll outline the evolution of video in marketing. Then we'll shed light on the power of Google and YouTube. Finally, we'll provide a few recommendations that will help you start making online videos that your audience will appreciate and want to share.

The Psychology Behind Video Driven Conversions

The visual Internet is a reality. Social networks, startup funding campaigns, and even marketing by large corporations are already seeing more and more video. So why the change? Simple. Video works with our brains by quickly delivering information in a desirable way. The result for businesses is better conversion and a better, more human relationship with your customers that will fuel sales, and improve your brand image.

The BEST Super Bowl Video Ads From The Last 5 years

With a record 111.5 million people tuning in to watch the Super Bowl this year, brands had every reason to pull out all the stops with their adverts. From Chrysler to Budweiser, Microsoft to Coca Cola all the usual faces were there and we loved every second of it. In fact we loved it so much that it got us thinking, what’s our favorite Super Bowl commercials of the past five years?

How To Fit Social Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Of the many mediums of marketing, one stands out above them all in an increasingly media-centric society. The potential of social video to engage your audience and improve your brand is something that your marketing team should not ignore. And while it may seem daunting to put together a production team, prepare the content, and deliver a quality product, a few helpful tricks can get your video up-and-running at minimal cost.

How Launch Videos Help Startups Start Up

The days of “Dancing Baby” are, fortunately, behind us. New viral videos are defining our humor, musical tastes, and, as of late, marketplace. As savvy entrepreneurs discover the potential of a memorable launch video, more and more businesses are hedging their bets on a clever sales pitch. Why exactly? Because a good launch video mixes a potent cocktail of communication, exchange, and character.

13 essential tips to help you create better videos in 2014

VIDEO BLOG: What's the ideal length for an explainer video?

When you get started on an explainer video project, one of the first things you're likely to consider is how long you should make it. Of course, there's a delicate balance to strike - you want to get across the 'important stuff' about your service or product, but the last thing you want is for your audience to get bored and quit watching.

The Case For Stepping Up Your Video Strategy NOW

There was a time when print ads and TV spots were the lynchpins of any effective marketing strategy. And with the sums of money invested in these channels, it’s understandable why some are hesitant to change their game plan. But missing the train on video marketing could mean lost revenue in the New Year, not to mention the missed opportunity to affect your brand image. All it takes is a closer look to realize, your marketing needs a video strategy.

Maxthon is a web browser with a difference..

Exclusive search tool for your area...

Welcome to Local App! This free tool lets you search for local businesses, restaurants, entertainment venues and much more. It filters out junk and will help you find exactly what you are looking for, all on your mobile phone!

How Video Changed The Internet in 2013

Gangam Style, the international smash hit by Korean pop-star Psy, was a cultural phenomenon in 2013, and for good reason. Not only was the catchy and quirky song the kind of unique mix of light-hearted hilarity that fosters sharing, it came to us in a medium that saw an explosion of activity, reshaping everything from content to marketing strategy. How did video achieve this extraordinary change? By cornering the market on information, stepping up its game, and replacing text in every way possible.

An alarm system that texts you?

10 brands that are killing it with Instagram video

Wyzowl Customer Focus: ARPEDIO

In the modern, increasingly competitive business world, growth is perhaps the ultimate challenge. The pressure to win deals, grow relationships and build winning game-plans has never been so intense. That's why we were so excited to work on a video for the guys at ARPEDIO; their platform is all about breaking down the complicated, abstract world of 'business success' into clear, actionable and SUCCESSFUL business plans...check out their website here or read on for the story behind the brand!

The Perfect Plan for Sharing Video on the Social Web

So, you've put your blood sweat and tears into making a video that you can be proud of. Congratulations! Not only is video one of the most engaging mediums for marketing your product and your passion, customers absolutely love it. But making a video is only part of the process. After you’ve created it, the next essential step is getting it out there in front of the eyes of your customers, prospects, and online community!

6 lessons in video marketing from the best movie trailers of all time

Earlier this month, USA Today put together an awesome list of 'The greatest movie trailers of all time.' Now, we're total film-buffs here at Wyzowl HQ so this was a super-cool walk down memory lane.

The Data Behind Your Videos: A Guide To YouTube Insights

Money talks, but data has more to say, and the two make a fine tandem as long as you're listening. The problem with YouTube is that it speaks a foreign language! For those of us without a master's degree in linguistics and a six-week immersion in marketing speak, the otherwise helpful metrics of the world's largest video site can be darn difficult to decipher.

25 Innovative Video Opportunities That Can Help Grow Your Business

As the year winds down and we reflect on how marketing trends changed and evolved over the past twelve months, one thing is clear: 2013 was the year of the video. The evidence is everywhere. Here are a few recent stats to back up our claim:

The Startup’s Guide to Creative Digital Storytelling

Successful businesses and brands have one thing in common – they are all great storytellers. If you want to build a lifelong relationship with your customers then they need to be able to understand what you’re all about. Building trust is key and if you can tell an authentic, compelling story about your business, then you’re well on your way creating the perfect relationship with them.

Find case data on the go with Epiq Access

Epiq Access is a mobile application that lets you find case data anytime, anywhere. This app has plenty of features including bookmarking important cases, viewing documents and cross-case searching.

Need help with your content strategy?

Then Brightler can help! Brightler is a great service that sets out to help companies with their web content. They will provide feedback and help you understand more about your audience so you can reach the right people with the right content!

Personalise your ringtones...with myTone!

Dating re-imagined with Contact Me, Call Me!

Gone are the days when dating someone you met online was the kind of surreal notion you could turn into a Hollywood movie. Online dating is all the rage these days!

Fight back against high energy prices with!

Our top 10 videos of 2013!

So as 2013 comes to a close, we thought we’d share with you our favourite videos! We’ve had a great year at Wyzowl and with the help of all of our clients, we’ve been able to create plenty of cracking videos.

The Inarguable Case for Including Video In Your 2014 Marketing Plan

10 expert tactics to boost holiday sales

With just 4 weeks to go until Christmas, you no doubt have your holiday marketing strategy firmly in place. The great thing about Christmas is that no matter what you might be selling, someone somewhere will be buying. But if you’re sales are struggling to get off the ground…then take a look at these 10 top tips to help boost your sales!

What is my brand’s story – and how do I tell it?

What makes you put back the ‘Wheat Biscuits’ and pick up the ‘Weetabix?’ Why do you leave the ‘Cool Tortilla Chips’ on the shelf, and head to the checkout with ‘Doritos?’ And why will you pay twice the price for an identical pair of trainers, with a different logo on the side?

How to create the perfect brand

At Wyzowl we work with plenty of start-up companies and it has to be said, helping someone on their road to success is definitely rewarding. But with that, there are many companies just starting out in that industry that let the style of their brand take a back seat, while they focus on other things.

The secret to Kahn Tools...

Warts getting you down? Check out Wartrin!

So you want your website to be noticed...

Looking for more leads?

Feeling hungry? Check out!

An explainer video should be the hook, NOT the manual!

Have you ever thought about making an explainer video for your product? An explainer video is a great way to tell customers why they need to buy what you’re selling. Not only does it show off your product, but it’s a visually appealing way for your customers to understand why they need YOU in their life!

Use video to increase conversions by 30% for Christmas

If, like us, you live in the UK – or somewhere similarly cold and grey – you might have noticed the telltale signs. The dark, foreboding skies encroaching on our afternoons. The plummeting temperatures. The thunderous downpours. No, it’s not the apocalypse – though you’d be forgiven for making that mistake – it’s just the arrival of another gloomy winter.

In need of building tools? Check out Tommy's Yard!

RIZM - Revolution in Algorithmic trading!

7 reasons your business needs an animated video

From reading the statistics, we all know that video is better received than text on a screen but have you ever given consideration to what kind of video you want to create? Some companies think that presenter videos are more professional, but I’m here to disprove that theory, with 7 undeniable reasons why you should choose animation for your next video…

Wish you could access your files from your pocket?

Marketing made easy with ADAM 5

Linio is now available on your mobile!

24/7 medical advice is on hand...

Glooko makes diabetes management easier

Do you like to play games with your friends?

How to use video to make your customers love you!

In this modern age of cynicism, a customer who truly LOVES your brand, product or service is a precious commodity indeed. Not only can you rely on their continued loyalty to your cause, but they can act as an invaluable source of free marketing for your business, via the magic of word-of-mouth advertising. Repeat business represents a lovely warming beacon of reassurance amidst all this tiresome economic doom-and-gloom...a bit like a knitted jumper, but not quite as itchy.

Want to find the best products at the best price?

Do you want your own personal photographer?

Do you work for the government?

Need to send your customers an SMS? Use!

Protect your data with Vigilant Software

Love TV? Love iTV shows!

Communication made easy with Crocodile Talk!

Fed up with annoying calls? Blacklist Plus has the answer!

10 Reasons Why Your Video Sucks!


So as a video production team we like to think we know a thing or two about making a great video. But sometimes when a client comes to us with an idea, it’s difficult to get the balance right between what they want and what’s a good video. Here are my 10 reasons why some videos (not ours) suck…

If you love online shopping, you'll love Lazada

Customer Focus: PureVPN

The internet is a central feature to our lives, whether at work or at home, and it's near impossible to imagine a life without it! It allows us to communicate, explore, make purchases and consume content more quickly and conveniently than ever before. Unavoidably, it also presents a number of new safety risks and it's crucial that we protect ourselves against them. From identity thieves to data hackers and snoopers, there are a number of threats to consider. That's why it's important to protect yourself - and our friends at PureVPN are committed to helping you do just that. You can check out our video about PureVPN at the bottom of this post! (Note: If you fancy taking advantage of all the great benefits of PureVPN for FREE, enter our Big Business Bundle - one of the prizes is a year's free account!)

LIMITED TIME OFFER: 20% off iOS 7 app videos!

Get $15k+ of awesome stuff for FREE with our Big Business Bundle!

We’re super excited to introduce the Big Business Bundle, our latest and greatest competition which will see one extremely lucky winner take home an unprecedented collection of prizes! The Bundle includes everything from cool marketing material through to industry-leading hardware and software.

30 amazing facts about video

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about when it comes to videos? Why is everyone all of a sudden jumping on the video bandwagon? Well, take a look at these amazing facts and see for yourself ...Enjoy!

Manage relationships, manage sales success with ARPEDIO

Pixuru lets you turn phone-pics into quality, professional art!

There's nothing better than the pics we take on our phone; camera-phones are the first things we reach for during our life's 'moments.' Wouldn't it be great if you could convert these pictures into beautiful, professional products such as canvases? With Pixuru, now you can!

Tracour: stock investment advice you can trust!

Investing in the stock market can yield rich rewards...but keeping up with all the latest advice and information can be difficult! Who can you really trust? Tracour finally takes the confusion out of the stock market, by rating and ranking financial investment advice in real time.

How to use a mobile app video to get more sales

So you’ve recently come up with a super awesome idea for a mobile app and you’re ready to release it out into the world, but did you know...

Attractive, user-friendly test case management with TestLodge

Release your inner power with Unleashme!

It's time to release your inner power and live the life you dream of! We were delighted to work with the guys behind UnleashMe recently. This intuitive app has a built-in recorder, which allows you to record all your wishes and desires as self-affirmations.

Keep your files backed up and secure with SurDoc

Whether you're using your computer for business or personal use, your files are important to you. What would you do if the worst happened to your system - if it was stolen, or victim to a nasty virus? Would your files be safe?

Onvedeo brings video to online real estate!

Now, as a video production company ourselves, we're probably slightly biased...but we reckon video is far and away the most engaging media for online visitors! It's always great to meet another great company which agrees...

JailBase - Arrest information, for the people

In this day and age, it's vital to know that you can trust the people you and your family live among. The guys behind JailBase decided to do lend a helping hand, and their app gives you a quick and easy way to get the arrest information you need.

Talibro is great for your customers, and great for you!

Looking after the books at a small to medium sized business can sometimes be a painful experience. Luckily, there's a new solution - it's called Talibro and you're going to absolutely love it!

With or without characters? That is the question!

10 ways to grow your business online

Growing your business online is a great way to increase your company's availability and reach sales. So how do you go about pushing a business online? If you’re not used to the online marketing world, or you’re simply looking for more inspiration to help grow your business online, then here are my top 10 tips to help you out!

Manage your club, group or event with Eventility!

Running a club, group or event and keeping everything organised can be a stressful affair. Wouldn't it be great if you could keep everything together and manage every aspect of your group or event, all in one place?

Protect your future with AGD Insurance

Let Doccy become your template!

Offering you the simplest way to create and send documents, Doccy will use your existing documents and turn them into a template, saving you time and effort which could be spent on other things!

Customer Focus: propertECO

Radon. You might vaguely remember it from the Periodic Table back at school...but did you know that this naturally occuring gas actually presents a serious health risk and, excluding smoking, is the biggest cause of lung cancer in the UK?

Don’t let your expired products stay on the shelf…try Date Check Pro!

Tired of losing out at the races? Breed your own horse with Hooves Reloaded!

How to dramatically reduce your support queries with video

Whatever kind of product you’re dealing with, it’s a near-certainty that you’ve spent some time in the past dealing with unnecessary support queries. The statistics show that video can help!

Communicating with your team has never been easier with ARISapp!

Win a FREE Website/Mobile Video at our Facebook page!

Was it Plato, Aristotle or Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross who once said, 'The best things in life are free?' Well, regardless, of who said it, it's true - and that's why, for the next 2 weeks, we're giving you the chance to win a FREE Website/Mobile app explainer video for your business!

How to tell your company's story in 30 seconds

Telling the story of your company should be easy for you, it is your company after all so I would imagine you know it inside out. But, what if I were to ask you to sum up what you do in just 30 seconds? That’s right 30 seconds.

Looking for a logo? Get yours with GB Logo Design!

Lone Worker Protection made easy with MobileLWP from Crystal Ball

Use a video production to get more downloads through Google Play

Did you know that, before 2013 is out, Google Play is on course to overtake the number of total downloads from the iOS App Store?

Call, text, and e-mail with just a 'Slide' of the finger - introducing Slide Contacts!

Choosing a video production company in 2013

10 ways to get more mobile app downloads for under $1000/£650

The whole idea of ‘getting more downloads’ can seem like an intimidating and even insurmountable task. Every app developer has no doubt considered this question at some point – unfortunately, nagging considerations such as time and cost-effectiveness are never far behind.

ACEP Insurance - supporting Emergency Physicians through their emergencies!

It was great to work on this video (Animated with Characters) for ACEP Insurance recently. ACEP stands for 'American College of Emergency Physicians,' and this video is all about how Emergency Physicians are covered by exclusive insurance benefits in their time of need.

Create your websites visually with dockPHP!

Anyone involved in website development knows it can be a hugely time-consuming process. That's why we absolutely loved dockPHP, an awesome tool which allows you to create your websites visually - shaving a huge amount of time off your development process!

Meeting Box: more than another note-taking app!

Whether you're a student, professional - or just like to doodle at home - there's a new way to take notes without mountains of scrap paper and constant fumbling around for pens and pencils. Increasingly, many people who need to take notes are choosing to take them through their mobile device, using intuitive and beautiful note-taking apps. - no more unnecessary downtime and expired domains

So, it's pretty obvious that website downtime is BAD NEWS. Simply put, a website that's down isn't making you money. Imagine turning up at the office and finding out your website's been down for hours - that's revenue your company can ill-afford to lose.

Azendoo, helping you rediscover teamwork!

Ah, teamwork. It's defined by Google as 'The combined action of a group of people, esp. when effective and efficient.' Except, in many businesses, the work performed by teams couldn't be further away from that definition!

Puffin Browser puts an end to sluggish mobile browsing

There was a time when mobile phones were used for making calls and, well, not a lot else! But, in the 21st Century, they keep a data-hungry world connected to the web at all times. We all need to use the internet on the move, these days. So why should our mobile browsing experience be any different to desktop browsing? That was the inspiration behind the fantastic Puffin Browser - a new mobile browser for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Discover local deals and save money on your phone, with CouponCo!

Everyone loves saving money, right? We all love to save money, ideally while doing something we love! Well, great news: the guys at CouponCo are now making it easier than ever for you to find great, local deals on your phone.

Send Anywhere lets you send, well...anywhere!

For all the advancements in mobile technology, it can still be a real PAIN when you want to send files from your mobile device. Fortunately, the guys behind Send Anywhere have recognised this, and created a great app to solve the problem.

Exploring the risks of Radon...with PropertECO

TripBuilder EventMobile - get a brilliant app for your event!

Collect insights and drive results with Qualaroo!

In these tough economic times, driving traffic to your website is only half the battle - it's never been more important to convert visitors into sales. Luckily, there are services like Qualaroo out there which can help!

Naiku - a better way to assess student understanding

Modern teachers have a hell of a job on their hands - we certainly don't envy them! The key to their job is ensuring student understanding...but how can you guarantee this? And how do you know the class is ready to move forward onto the next subject? There's never been a truly reliable way to monitor student understanding...until Naiku!

Access your Windows desktop from anywhere with iVDI!

Okay, so in an ideal world, you'd do all your work on one solitary device; a device that's got enough storage for all your files, that's big enough for premium viewing and ease-of-use, and small enough to fit into your pocket. And you'd probably ride to work on a unicorn across an elaborate road network made out of clouds and rainbows.

Spend more time watching - less time searching - with Woisio!

If it seems like you're constantly searching for what to watch - and not spending so much time actually, you know, WATCHING it...then the guys behind Woisio may have the answer!

Time to take action against nuisance callers with AmbushCall!

There are few things as annoying as receiving nuisance calls, particularly from unmarked numbers. Sure, you're curious to know who's calling you...but pick up and you could be facing the lengthy indignity of mind-numbing market research, the embarrassment of an awkward cold sales call, or the panic-inducing tones of some company or other asking for money. It's just not a good way to spend your time!

Discover more from your audio with Lisnr

Win new business and manage customer relationships with Cloud Prospector

Quite simply, who wouldn't like some more customers? Cloud Prospector is a fantastic new way of prospecting for business, and managing your customer relationships. A fantastic, easy-to-use and understand tool, Cloud Prospector doubles up as a central workspace where team members can view each others appointments and contact schedules - meaning everyone's on the same page as you bid to grow your business. Everyone's a winner! Check out the vid...

Golf RFP - a whole (in one) new way of matching groups to courses!


So long, manual data entry - Captricity have a better idea!

Let's not beat about the bush, manual data entry is time-consuming, boring and generally a pain in the neck! If there was a way to make this process easier, quicker and less'd do it, right?

Putting the focus on QHSE Focus Magazine

Here's something a bit different we worked on recently - the guys behind the brilliant QHSE Focus Magazine wanted to create a Mobile video explaining the features and benefits of their publication. The magazine is a great read for professionals in the field, and we reckon the video does it justice! We'll let you be the judge:

Calculate your call centre staffing needs with Rostrvm

Now, we're not talking from experience here, but we imagine call centre management must be seriously tricky business. You have service level targets to meet. You don't want your customers to be on hold for ages. But you also don't want to be wasting your valuable resources, with staff sat around twiddling their thumbs.

Get things done with Zendone!

Modern life moves so fast, it can all get a bit much if you aren't super-organised. Luckily, there are apps like Zendone - a personal productivity tool which allows you to set out your tasks and get organised.

My Living Will

You know, working with as many great mobile apps as we do, we never cease to be amazed by the awesome power of smartphones. Far from being solely a device to make calls and send text messages, they've become central features to our everyday life and now perform a whole range of functions, saving us time, money and sanity along the way.

Grafetee brings new meaning to 'Location, location, location!'

It was great to work with the people at Grafetee recently to produce a video about their service! Grafetee is a location-based data toolkit which allows you to easily create your own website for distributing and gathering location-based information.

PureVPN - Private, secure browsing, wherever you are!

Meet new people with Twoo

A/B testing made easy with

It never fails to amaze us, the level of hard work and ingenuity that goes into each and every mobile app we work with. It's truly a labour of love. Not only do app-manufacturers want to make their app brilliant and beautiful pre-release, but they want to go on improving it.

Thames Valley Housing get Animated about Shared Ownership!

It's probably a statement of the obvious, really, but we love videos; we love how versatile they are, how brilliant they are at breaking down complex issues, and explaining them in a light, easy-to-follow, manner. They can explain anything!

Organise and enhance your social life with Tagavent

PillManager - just what the Doctor ordered!

There aren't many things left that you can't do on your smartphone these days, and we're lucky that we get to deal with a lot of incredibly innovative apps first-hand. The latest bit of cellular convenience is brought to your fingertips by the makers of PillManager, who tasked us with creating a Mobile video which demonstrated the main features of their app. Check it out:

Spensa makes financial management fun!

Kickstart your company's Social Marketing with PromoJam

Social Media marketing is becoming increasingly important to businesses of all sizes, and promotions are most likely central to your organisation's Social Strategy. It's not always quite that easy, though. For example, Facebook's stringent promotion guidelines, in just 91 short words, basically murder any kind of plans you may have had to run a promotion on your Timeline. 'Like' or 'Share' to enter? Forget about it!

Fun and Hollywood drama with Drawma

Digital Cerebrum: The e-Reader designed for the Classroom!

It may make us sound really, incredibly, anciently old to say it, but school classrooms haven't half changed since we were kids! New, exciting technology is continually being harnessed in education, as teachers explore new ways to engage and nurture young people. This is perfectly illustrated by a new app called Digital Cerebrum - an Internet-based e-reader, designed exclusively for the classroom!

Get behind the shield with HotspotShield, and safeguard your online privacy

We find that animated videos With Characters are a really engaging way to get across the major selling points of a product or service - and we really enjoyed making a couple of such videos about HotspotShield, the great online privacy service from AnchorFree. HotspotShield is designed to keep you safe from a variety of online threats, from snoopers and hackers through to malware and phishing. Check out the two short videos below.

LectureNotes: Your notepad, on the move!

If you're forever scrambling around for a pen and paper, or just looking for a technological alternative, we may have the answer. Check out the Mobile video we made recently about a great Android app called LectureNotes. As you can tell from the video, this is an incredibly versatile app with a whole host of possible uses. As you might expect from the name, the app is mainly targeted towards University students, but it's also great for University Lecturers and teachers; business-folk making meeting notes or trying to do something a bit different with presentations; or simply aspiring artists wanting to sketch, doodle and draw! A free trial of LectureNotes is available from the Play Store and the all-singing, all-dancing full version is available for little more than the price of a real notebook.

Tri-Pin: Concealing your pin, even when watched!

You don't have to be an expert in the field to know that a) we carry a lot of personal, sensitive data in our mobile devices, and b) it's extremely important to protect this data with a pin number.

Access your files from anywhere with Tonido

It's never been easier to work and enjoy media on the move; wouldn't it be great if you could take your desktop with you? Our friends at CodeLathe have made it happen! Their cloud-based Tonido app, available now on Android, allows you to access your desktop from your mobile device. You can access your files, view and edit them remotely, and reupload them back. There are no storage limits, and a host of additional cool features like video transcoding make this a must-have tool for your Android device! Check out the informative Mobile video we made to help the guys behind Tonido show off their app...

Tell your company's unique story with The Good Jobs

So, smart companies are realising that there's much more to their recruitment drive than simple skill and location-matching; their company culture is increasingly important. You know your company is special - a great place to work - but how are you getting word out about it? How do prospective employees know that they're a great fit for your company's culture? The fantastic guys at The Good Jobs are all about helping you to tell your company's unique story, and harnessing what makes you different, to attract great people. Check out the great 'Animated without Characters' video we made together.

Get the most out of your visit with Cartes USA App...

The Cartes America Secure Connexions Event gets underway at the Mirage a week today (23rd April 2013) - and not only will the lucky attendees get to spend a few days in fabulous Las Vegas, but they'll also have access to the official event app! Check out our Mobile video below to find out more about the features offered by the app.

GreenPower makes your phone battery last longer

We all use our phone for countless tasks these days; we can now access enormous amounts of video, music and info on the move, which is great, but we could all do without the frustration of having to recharge a flat battery every night!

Business planning as easy as SAPBPC with Rinedata!

With businesses of all sizes feeling the squeeze, cost-cutting and head-count are increasingly important. If your business is struggling with planning, budgeting, forecasting or consolidation, our friends at Rinedata may have the answer - SAP Business Planning & Consolidation.

Get Xtreme with Xtreme Gap Australia...

We really like Likeseed!

BillPin, Member Services & 2nd Hand Trumpets...Wyzowl Weekly Round up 22/02/2013

New Wyzowl Video: Ricochet - Socially Driven Advertising

New Wyzowl Video: Mikogo - Remote Desktop & Online Meetings

Mikogo is a powerful tool for remotely sharing your desktop with with another colleague. Now, sharing information is easy: you can show others your work no matter where they are in the world.

New Wyzowl Video: New Relic - Key Transactions

New Relic is a comprehensive performance management tool which helps to locate and resolve performance issues in your web applications. Within New Relic, you can see a list of all of your web transactions for any application.

New Wyzowl Video: Business Calendar App

Business Calendar is an Android app which provides a thorough, in-depth overview of your Google Calendar on a smartphone or tablet device. It comes bundled with a variety of widgets that display your Google Calendar information on your home screen.

New Wyzowl Video: Pholium

New Wyzowl Video: Grafetee

Grafetee is a location-based sharing app from Android and iOS that integrates with all your favourite networks and websites. Plenty of apps collect and use location data, but Grafetee is different: it pulls all of that data into one place, making location-based exploration even more fun.

New Wyzowl Video: Here

Here is a revolutionary new concept in loyalty programmes. Rather than setting up a complicated loyalty scheme for your business, try Here: an app that promises to provide a loyalty programme consumers will really want to use.

New Wyzowl Video: Crowdbase

Crowdbase is a social network for business. Team members are invited to create different types of content to help projects progress more smoothly. All the content posted into Crowdbase is searchable, making it a very efficient way for information to be shared and archived in the cloud.
Notes are one of the items employees can create. Notes can be posted to a variety of topic areas, or sections, so they’re easy to find later. Notes can be locked, or if you prefer, a note can be unlocked so that other people can edit it and contribute to it.

New Wyzowl Video: iQube

iQube is an annual business and entrepreneurship and marketing event held in Nigeria. Every year, managers and business leaders get together to share information and develop their business ideas.

New Wyzowl Video: Contur

If you find your email inbox hard to manage, Contur is the solution. It’s an email ‘virtual assistant’ service which sorts emails into tasks and projects, giving your email inbox a structure you can work with.

New Wyzowl Video: Xtreme Gap Year

Xtreme Gap Year believe that gap year travel should be fun, safe and action-packed. Their new Thailand Gap Year package offers students the chance to see one of the most beautiful countries in the world like never before.

New Wyzowl Video: Heebo

Heebo is a ‘Match and Meet’ employment marketplace which aims to match candidates and businesses based on key areas of an employee’s profile, and the requirements the employer has for a role. By using Heebo, businesses can discover ideal matches for their roles, based on their own company ethos and way of working.

New Wyzowl Video: Go Service Centres

Go Service Centres provides friendly car maintenance services to UK customers. The company’s nationwide centres carry out MOTs, tyres, servicing and repairs for almost any car.

New Wyzowl Video: Balance Forcasting App

Balance Forecasting is a cloud application that takes the hard work out of tracking your personal financial data. By plugging in your incoming funds, regular bills and debt repayments, Balance Forecasting gives you a complete overview of your own financial status and allows you to see what your account balance will be over coming days, weeks, months or even years.

New Wyzowl Video - Zettamoo

Zettamoo is a great new website that takes the hard work our of finding gifts for loved ones. Rather than spending valuable time scanning different websites for gifts, Zettamoo brings the best gifts on the web into a simple, fun interface that’s driven by interaction and learns what you like.

New Wyzowl Video - PublishThis

Content is the driving force behind the best sites on the web. Content means better engagement and loyalty - and that’s a big benefit to all websites, particularly when they’re looking to attract fans, followers and ‘likes’.

New Wyzowl Video - Sellfy

Wyzowl recently completed a video for Sellfy, a revolutionary new website which helps vendors to manage the sale of digital goods, such as e-books, multimedia files and computer software.

New Wyzowl video: UserReport

Social media, marketing and sharing are all great, but to complete the feedback loop, you need to find out what your customers think of your products and services. That’s where UserReport can help. By setting up surveys and questionnaires, you can easily gather data about your customers’ preferences and views.

New video for GamesChart

Wyzowl's latest Video project for Bizlia

Wyzowl’s latest video project is for Bizlia, a company who specialise in helping businesses to network online. You can see our web video over on the Bizlia homepage.

New video for TimeOffManager

3 Easy Ways to Attract YouTube Subscribers

YouTube subscribers are the most valuable asset for a web video producer. They’re the people who have opted in to receiving updates about your content, and as such, they’re a highly receptive audience.

5 Low Cost (or Free) Tools For Creating Great Web Videos

YouTube Creator Playbook - For YouTube content creators

The YouTube Creator Playbook is a brand new, tailor-made user guide for YouTube content creators. If you want to push your videos to more viewers, present your YouTube channel in an attractive format and improve conversions and optimisation, you’ll undoubtedly find it useful.

New video for Sprout Mobi

Sprout Mobi is a mobile website builder created by software company Mobile Loft. As a startup company they wanted a way to show off their service to website visitors quickly and without the visitors having to read a lot of text. Sprout Mobi contacted Wyzowl to create a video to demonstrate their product.

How to choose the best video host

Made your video? Now you just need to find your audience. The video site you can choose can have an effect on the kind of traffic you receive, and technically speaking, video sharing sites all have their own benefits and quirks. Here are five sites you might want to consider.

How to improve SEO with video

Search engine optimisation isn’t just about keywords, although that’s a big piece of the puzzle. Effective SEO is about improving your prominence in search results via a range of different methods.

How to increase customer satisfaction with video

If you’re thinking about having a video made for promotional purposes, the benefits are clear: getting your name out there, promoting through more channels and giving your brand a slick, modern appeal. But carefully-made videos can actually help to increase customer satisfaction, either before the purchase is made, or afterwards when the customer needs help and support.

How to improve customer engagement with video

There are two elements of customer engagement, at least when we’re referring to a website or e-commerce store. You want your customers to engage with each other, and you want them to engage with you (or your company, depending on how you run your business). Encouraging customer engagement is tricky, but there are tried and tested ways to encourage it nonetheless.

How to create a video sitemap

If you have a website, it’s highly recommended that you have a sitemap. Sitemaps can be easily interpreted by search engines automated crawling robots, helping them to determine the theme of your website and eliminating any crawling errors. Sitemaps ensure all your web content is scanned and the structure of your site is fully and accurately represented.

How To Increase Sales With Web Video

There are many reasons why clients come to Wyzowl for video content; it would be impossible to list them all here. If you can’t visualise the potential benefits of having a video custom-made for your company, have a look at our top ten reasons why video makes a huge difference to turnover and brand awareness.

How to create a great web video: The length

How to create a great web video: The video

So you need to create a screencast or promotional video for your website or product. You’ve downloaded a software tool for screen capture or video editing, and you’re ready to press record. But wait! Before you hit that big red button, consider how far you are in the planning process. By pausing here, you could save yourself a lot of time.

How to create a great web video: The voice over

So the planning for your video is well underway, and you need to make the next important decision: who will become the voice of your campaign? It’s easy to get a voice over wrong, and a mumbled audio track on a swish video is the last thing you want - particularly when you’ve spent so much time planning the rest of your marketing campaign.

How to create a great web video: The script

To get a really good result with a web video, you’ll need to plan ahead. If you start speaking into a mic without some kind of script in front of you, you’ll probably wind up with lots of ‘umms’ and ‘errs’, or a muddled result that backtracks and doesn’t flow.

How to create a great web video: The music

When you commission a video from Wyzowl, or make a video yourself, it’s a good idea to think about using background music. A music track can help give your video atmosphere, and helps to combat the problems associated with short attention spans: music will hold the viewer’s attention as the video plays. The right piece of music will reinforce your corporate tone and message and give a demonstration video a slicker feel and a nice flow from beginning to end.