Sarah Quinn

Sarah Quinn
I eat, sleep and breathe great content so it kinda works out for me that I get to do this as a job. But waaaaait, I'm not one dimensional..... I also LOVE peanut butter, odd socks, running, daydreaming about time and space, corgis in top hats, afternoon tea and Chandler Bing.

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Unless you've been living under a clock tower for the past 30 years, then you'll know only too well that Marty Mcfly is due to grace us with his presence on October 21, 2015.

Now, I don't know about you, but here at Wyzowl HQ we're all really excited about it! In fact, we're so excited that we actually made an animated video to celebrate....

Great Scott!

Check it out below if you want to find out what the REAL 2015 looks like for Marty Mcfly...

These 6 video marketing trends are ones to watch for 2017....

Do you want to know what the state of video marketing looks like for 2017? Then check out our survey results...

With 2017 fast approaching, the time has come for us to start looking ahead at what the future has to hold for video marketing.

But we can't do this without your help!

We've created our annual report, The State of Video Marketing, and we're looking for expert marketers like you to take part.

Will you be increasing your spend on video? Has it improved your ROI? Are you going to be adopting any trends in 2017, such as Facebook Live, or 360 video?

This year's survey looks set to offer some fascinating results, so that's why we'd like your insights, experiences and opinions! The answers you supply will be invaluable to ourselves and other marketers in the industry seeking to understand the impact of video marketing.

It'll only take a few minutes to fill out, and to thank you for your support, we'll send you an exclusive Respondents Report document, giving you access to the data 24 hours before the results are announced.

In the world of video marketing (or any type of marketing for that matter) your content isn't going to mean a darn thing, unless you promote it. 

No-one starts out in video marketing wanting to create a video that gets an average amount of views...

When you hear the phrase "knowledge videos" it probably takes you back to your school days, trying to cram in a series of videos to help you study for your finals...


Alright, I'm gonna call it; the world of online video is pretty unfair! How can a video with a kid getting his finger bitten receive millions of views, whilst quality business videos like your own struggle to get anywhere close?