A/B testing made easy with Arise.io

by Adam Hayes on 19 April 2013

It never fails to amaze us, the level of hard work and ingenuity that goes into each and every mobile app we work with. It's truly a labour of love. Not only do app-manufacturers want to make their app brilliant and beautiful pre-release, but they want to go on improving it.

Arise.io is a fantastic way of comparing 2 different versions of your app, based on a whole host of features. Had a new idea for a great new banner, colour scheme, or layout? Put it to the test - if it's more successful than your previous version, keep it, then try to beat it again! The benefits unlocked by A/B testing are numerous; more sales, more money, more conversions. And best of all, you can make informed decisions about changes in your app - no more guessing.


Adam Hayes

Written by Adam Hayes

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