BillPin, Member Services & 2nd Hand Trumpets...Wyzowl Weekly Round up 22/02/2013

by Adam Hayes on 22 February 2013

It's the end of another fast-paced week at Wyzowl with lots of exciting technology translated into uber-fun videos.

This week we've polished off videos for some super-cool people including BillPin, IOVOX and BPC Financial.

We've all been there; a great trip, or a meal with friends...and then the bill comes. Who owes what? The guys at BillPin think that money between friends should be easy, and so they created their app - a fantastic little innovation that easily sorts out group expenses. Check out the video above to see how BillPin works!

We're really pleased with how this video turned out for BPC Financial, who wanted to promote the fantastic insurance benefits they offer to members of the Florida Bar. For over 25 years, they've provided members with great discounts, exclusive products and a simpler process. It may be a little late for Team Wyzowl to move to Florida and train as attorneys...but making this fun video was the next best thing!

Here at Wyzowl HQ, meanwhile, we finally got the pay-off to our Table Football League. Chris and Steven have been dominating all before them and, in truth, it's been making everyone else feel quite bad about themselves. The tantalizing meeting between these two juggernauts was inevitable, and it lived up to the billing, with Chris battling to a frantic 10-6 win before a capacity crowd of 6 - leaving Steven as sick as the proverbial parrot, however sick that is. Presumably very.

Wyzowl Wisdom of the Week
Words of Wisdom from inside the nest...

"I haven't got anything worth insuring." - Lee McRae ponders the extent of his earthly possessions.

"I don't like the idea of a second-hand trumpet..." - hygiene comes before price tags for new addition Mark, who will only accept the best when adding to his musical ensemble.


Adam Hayes

Written by Adam Hayes

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