Dating re-imagined with Contact Me, Call Me!

by Adam Hayes on 04 January 2014

Gone are the days when dating someone you met online was the kind of surreal notion you could turn into a Hollywood movie. Online dating is all the rage these days!

It makes sense, of course. There are literally billions of people out there waiting to connect with you...but, as well as being a potential positive, that can also be the web's downfall as a dating device.

For every successful meeting, there must be hundreds where that 'online spark' just doesn't quite translate into the real world.

Or what about when you see someone out and about in the real world? Maybe the spark is there, but what are you gonna do - grab them and interrupt their day for a few hours while you get to know them? Hmm, not really practical!

That's why we loved working on this video about Contact Me, Call Me, a new approach to meeting new people. By passing over pre-printed cards with a number and convenient time on it, you can arrange to chat with new people securely and conveniently, without even giving them your personal number! Check out the Animated video with Characters we created with the fantastic guys behind this new innovation.


Adam Hayes

Written by Adam Hayes

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