- no more unnecessary downtime and expired domains

by Adam Hayes on 10 June 2013

So, it's pretty obvious that website downtime is BAD NEWS. Simply put, a website that's down isn't making you money. Imagine turning up at the office and finding out your website's been down for hours - that's revenue your company can ill-afford to lose.

Luckily for you, there's a solution! is like your website's guardian angel, checking its status every 3 minutes. If something's wrong, you'll receive an instant notification via e-mail or SMS, meaning you can deal with problems as they arise.

Similarly, have you ever lost a website you worked hard on because the domain expired? It's not really the best feeling, to put it politely! Dominder's got your back here, too, though. You can set up Dominder to send notifications a set period before your domain expires, giving you plenty of time to keep your domains nicely up to date...and avoiding a lot of unnecessary pain!

Check out the Website video we created about Dominder.


Adam Hayes

Written by Adam Hayes

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