Exploring the risks of Radon...with PropertECO

by Adam Hayes on 22 May 2013

Have you ever heard of Radon? According to our friends at PropertECO, you should have!

Radon's a rather unpleasant, naturally-occurring radioactive gas, which can gather in your home. It can cause some pretty serious health problems if you're exposed for a period of time. Indeed, with the exception of smoking, Radon is the biggest cause of lung-cancer in the UK, and is linked to over 2000 deaths each and every year.

Perhaps the worst thing about Radon is that it's completely invisible and odourless, meaning you don't know for sure that you're being exposed. Pretty grim!

Now, that's all a little bit depressing, but don't despair, because PropertECO are experts in Radon testing and remediation - and they can help! The PropertECO team wanted us to create a series of 4 Animated videos which outlined the problems caused by Radon - and, of course, explored the solutions they offer.

First, they wanted to answer the question, What is Radon - and why should I care?

Next up, PropertECO wanted to introduce their methods of testing for Radon. As you can see from the video, Radon Testing is a simple, affordable process.

So, the results from your Radon testing have come back, and it's bad news: your property is exposed to high levels of Radon. The message of the third in our series of videos for PropertECO, is 'don't panic!' They offer a number of easy ways to Reduce Radon levels, without breaking the bank.

We were interested to learn that properties with basements are particularly susceptible to high levels of Radon. This is simply because the walls are in direct contact with the soil, where the gas is produced. For this reason, basements are also notoriously vulnerable to damp.

PropertECO's "Radvantage" system for basements is every bit as clever as the name suggests - not only does it limit Radon to an acceptable, safe level, it also protects your basement from damp. The end result? A dry - and, more importantly, safe - basement! Check out the last of our series of videos, about the Radvantage System for Basements...

These kinds of video 'series' are becoming more and more common, particularly for complex issues such as Radon. Video series are great at breaking down complex issues into manageable chunks, and they don't bombard the audience with too much information - so there's no pausing and rewinding every few seconds. We even offer a discount if you order 3 or more videos at the same time. If you think a video series would work for you, why not get in touch?

We really enjoyed working with PropertECO and finding out more about Radon - thanks for your custom guys!


Adam Hayes

Written by Adam Hayes

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