Fight back against high energy prices with!

by Adam Hayes on 03 January 2014

Hardly a day goes by of late without some talk of rising energy prices. It's in the papers, on the news and - if we're honest - it's an additional expense we could all do without.

That's why we were so excited to meet the guys behind Their price comparison website lets you save you up to £330 on your energy bills with just a few clicks, and in as little as 60 seconds. However busy you are, I'll bet you can find a measly little minute to save that kind of money! Not only can you save money on your energy prices, but also your phone bills, broadband and insurance premiums.

Not only do they give you a list of prices to compare from a huge range of providers, they also offer a full service, taking care of all the hassle of switching for you.

Check out the Website demo video to see how can save you money!


Adam Hayes

Written by Adam Hayes

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