Get stuff done, with 'did u?'

by Adam Hayes on 24 April 2014

We all have so much to do these days that 'To Do...' lists can be a great help. But the whole thing can just be so impersonal and sterile. That's why it was really fun to work with the guys behind 'did u?' - a new, task-assignment app that brings fun and accountability to the whole task tracking thing!

It's a really simple premise, but it's beautifully executed and makes for a really fun app that really helps you get stuff done. Rather than ticking a nameless, faceless box, the app asks you a simple question: 'did u' get it done? Check out the Mobile App video to find out all about did u...and don't forget to download it from the App Store when you're done! :)


Adam Hayes

Written by Adam Hayes

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