Goal-setting made easy with Strides!

by Adam Hayes on 07 July 2014

Ok, there's no 'sure-fire' secret to success. But one incredibly powerful tool that many successful people often speak of is goal-setting. Setting realistic, achievable goals is an incredible way to increase your motivation and achieve more.

That's why it was really cool to work on a Mobile App video for our friends at Strides recently. Strides is an app that lets you set, and then keep track, of your goals and habits.

You can set goals to keep track of basically anything, and one thing we particularly loved is the ability to choose from a list of over 300 popular goals if you're in need of inspiration.

There are 4 different tracker types, which means you can track various different behaviours and goals. You can then track your progress visually, and set recurring reminders to keep on top of your tasks. If you'll excuse the pun, this app will definitely help you make great 'Strides' in your life and is DEFINITELY worth the download! Check out the video below to find out more...


Adam Hayes

Written by Adam Hayes

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