iCarol - helping your nonprofit call centre help others

by Adam Hayes on 24 April 2014

Call-centre managers have a really tough job on their hands. It takes a very precise science to ensure things run smoothly, with loads of stuff to think about - do you have enough staff? Are all your shifts covered? Do your workers have access to the resources and information they need?

This all sounds like a bit of a nightmare, which is why it was awesome to work with the guys at iCarol on their new animated video. iCarol is all about giving non-profit call centres the tools they need to run efficiently.

Their web-based service automates all the ugly little jobs that you don't want to do, giving you powerful functionality - and valuable extra time - to do stuff that really matters, and measure your impact in the community.

Best of all, these guys are so confident in their products that they even offer a FREE 60-day trial with no risk, obligation or credit card details required...so you can give them a try with literally nothing to lose! Check out the video below to get the full low-down on iCarol...


Adam Hayes

Written by Adam Hayes

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