Let your customers pay smarter with SmartPay!

by Adam Hayes on 24 July 2014

In today's ultra-competitive world, many businesses rely on successful up-selling to drive sales and increase those profit margins. The problem is that, however much your customers may want to buy a more expensive item, sometimes they simply can't afford to.

That's why it was really cool for us to work with the guys behind SmartPay on their video. SmartPay is a solution to this problem, allowing customers to buy the stuff they want, and pay for them in fixed monthly payments. Spreading those payments gives your business the power to sell more high-margin items, and also gives your customers the freedom to take home the products they really want.

You can use SmartPay online and in-store, and the application generally only takes a few minutes - with a high approval rate of over 60%. It's a great alternative to traditional credit and a fantastic idea for all kinds of different retailers to explore. Check out the video below to find out more!


Adam Hayes

Written by Adam Hayes

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