Meeting Box: more than another note-taking app!

by Adam Hayes on 21 June 2013

Whether you're a student, professional - or just like to doodle at home - there's a new way to take notes without mountains of scrap paper and constant fumbling around for pens and pencils. Increasingly, many people who need to take notes are choosing to take them through their mobile device, using intuitive and beautiful note-taking apps.

We were really interested to check out Meeting Box, which is a note-taking app with a difference. Not only does it allow you to take beautiful notes using no more than your finger and your iPad or iPhone, it has a cool range of extra features, including an integrated task manager, and super-clever annotation tools which allow you to annotate photos, maps and web pages.

Check out the Mobile video we made with the guys behind Meeting Box - and try out the app with a free download from the App Store today!


Adam Hayes

Written by Adam Hayes

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