Naiku - a better way to assess student understanding

by Adam Hayes on 14 May 2013

Modern teachers have a hell of a job on their hands - we certainly don't envy them! The key to their job is ensuring student understanding...but how can you guarantee this? And how do you know the class is ready to move forward onto the next subject? There's never been a truly reliable way to monitor student understanding...until Naiku!

Naiku puts old methods - we all remember the old 'bubble tests' - into retirement for good. By assessing students in a number of different ways, allowing them to provide rationale for their answers, and reflect on their learning, Naiku introduces a much more holistic approach to student assessment.

Of course, we're slightly biased, but we reckon the Animated with Characters video we created about Naiku perfectly explains its benefits. We introduce our teacher character - Jennifer - and fully explore her problem, before introducing Naiku as the solution. Let us know if you think an Animated with Characters video would do the trick for your product or service!


Adam Hayes

Written by Adam Hayes

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