New video for TimeOffManager

by Matt Byrom on 01 August 2012

We would like to introduce you to a web app we created a video for recently called TimeOffManager. Please see the video we created for them below.

TimeOffManager is a cloud application that pulls all of your employee holiday data into one place and allows you to manage it with ease. It’s a really good way for busy SMEs, team leaders and HR departments to keep track of staff availability, resources and potential holiday clashes.

Employees log in to a web-based system which allows them to request time off for holidays, sick days, doctor’s appointments and even salaried time away from the office (such as time working from home). The employee receives a notification when their request is accepted, refused or cancelled. The software automatically limits the employee’s leave time so that they cannot request more time than they have available, but employees can optionally request that overtime is added to their leave, either as simple time in lieu, or as time-and-a-half, double time or more.

Managers, HR staff and other administrators can log in and approve requests for paid and unpaid leave, as well as setting up rule to automatically accrue extra leave for a variety of reasons. Notifications will automatically alert Managers when a member of staff takes more than a predefined number of sick days.

Managers can also group users into teams to easily see who’s going to be away on any given day, and this data can be exported to Google Calendar, Outlook or the iCal app on a Mac (recently re-named as ‘Calendar’). Finally, reports can be exported for other departments as required.

TimeOffManager has been built by Ironflow Technologies, based in Canada. Their application is flexible enough to be used in any timezone, any date format and in multiple languages.


Matt Byrom

Written by Matt Byrom

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