New Wyzowl Video: Business Calendar App

by Matt Byrom on 15 November 2012

Business Calendar is an Android app which provides a thorough, in-depth overview of your Google Calendar on a smartphone or tablet device. It comes bundled with a variety of widgets that display your Google Calendar information on your home screen.

From a simple graphical overview screen in Business Calendar, users can see appointments booked on each day of their calendar. Tapping a date brings up a detailed list of appointments. Swiping from left to right pulls up a range of dates on-screen, presented in the traditional Google Calendar format that users are familiar with. From this view, tapping an event brings up a detailed overview, including the time, date, location, description and reminder.

Event details can be edited, copied, shared and deleted, and it’s also possible to add, remove and change reminders directly from the app. New calendar events can also be created directly in the app. Just tap a date, fill in some basic details and save. You can set the event to recur or change the calendar it’s assigned to.

Users who upgrade to the premium version of Business Calendar can drag and drop events to re-arrange them on-screen, or copy events to create duplicates. Premium app users also get access to additional widget designs.

Wyzowl created a marketing video for Business Calendar which demonstrates exactly what the app can do. If you’re an app developer, visit to see how a marketing video could help promote and sell your app.


Matt Byrom

Written by Matt Byrom

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