New Wyzowl Video: Contur

by Matt Byrom on 30 October 2012

If you find your email inbox hard to manage, Contur is the solution. It’s an email ‘virtual assistant’ service which sorts emails into tasks and projects, giving your email inbox a structure you can work with.

Contur turns your email inbox into a task list with options for customisation, sorting and more. It provides an alternative to email filtering, labelling and sorting emails, and there’s no need to create unwieldy rules for incoming mail.

Simply drag and drop emails to arrange them into projects, then assign tasks, deadlines and notes to each email. You can even change the title of the email to make it more meaningful. Contur automatically learns where incoming emails should go and assigns them to your projects automatically. When all of the tasks in a project are complete, you can tick a checkbox without changing the way emails are stored and displayed.

Contur is suitable for any email inbox, whether you receive a handful of emails a day or several hundred every morning. With Contur, your email inbox becomes an interactive, user-friendly planner that can boost your productivity and make the daily task of replying to emails less of a chore.

Wyzowl produced a one-minute animated video showing how Contur helps people stay organised and deal with their mail.

A marketing video could help your users understand more about your business and why it will benefit them. Visit for details of our packages and prices.


Matt Byrom

Written by Matt Byrom

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