New Wyzowl Video: Crowdbase

by Matt Byrom on 01 November 2012

Crowdbase is a social network for business. Team members are invited to create different types of content to help projects progress more smoothly. All the content posted into Crowdbase is searchable, making it a very efficient way for information to be shared and archived in the cloud.
Notes are one of the items employees can create. Notes can be posted to a variety of topic areas, or sections, so they’re easy to find later. Notes can be locked, or if you prefer, a note can be unlocked so that other people can edit it and contribute to it.

Team members can also post Questions which other employees can answer. Once a Question is asked, it’s published so that anyone can view it and reply.

Finally, employees can share Links within Crowdbase. When a user shares a Link, Crowdbase automatically imports a text-only version, making it easy for other team members to read the information without leaving the website. There’s also a bookmark shortcut to make sharing links quick and easy.

Crowdbase is designed for companies where knowledge needs to be shared across different employees, teams and departments. Within one application, everyone can post information, get responses to issues and share relevant updates with the rest of the company.

Interested in knowing more about Crowdbase? Wyzowl made an animated marketing video to show off its features. If you’d like to commission Wyzowl to make a video for your business, visit now.


Matt Byrom

Written by Matt Byrom

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