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by Matt Byrom on 02 November 2012

Here is a revolutionary new concept in loyalty programmes. Rather than setting up a complicated loyalty scheme for your business, try Here: an app that promises to provide a loyalty programme consumers will really want to use.

With Here, customers who visit your store are rewarded through the app. Their location is tracked on their mobile device, and they don’t need to manually check in to claim a reward. What’s more, Here users don’t need to carry anything else, such as a loyalty card: the information is all in the app.

Retailers can create promotions and offers on the Here website. Once an offer is available, customers can use the Here app to get more details, even before they arrive at the store. Customers can search for a business by name and review all the promotions on offer before they start shopping.

The Here website also provides a secure analytics area which retailers can use to track footfall in the store. In addition, the Here app supplies a wide variety of demographics such as the age and gender of visitors and how long they spent browsing the shelves. The time and date of visits is recorded, as well as any information about special offers claimed through the Here app, and you can even find out what kind of visitor is attracted to each offer. This kind of visitor breakdown simply isn’t provided with other loyalty apps, and it’s all tracked effortlessly online. produced a video showing exactly how Here works. Talk to us today about a marketing video for your business.


Matt Byrom

Written by Matt Byrom

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