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by Matt Byrom on 31 October 2012

iQube is an annual business and entrepreneurship and marketing event held in Nigeria. Every year, managers and business leaders get together to share information and develop their business ideas.

The organisation’s three key aims are celebrating innovation, inspiring change and providing insight. By providing a delivery platform, iQube hopes to share radical, innovative business ideas that are pushing companies forward.

The theme of this year’s iQube conference is Back To The Future. By analysing past success, iQube hopes that entrepreneurs can learn techniques and strategies to get ahead in the business world. Speakers will discuss opportunities to be more efficient, improve productivity and review past mistakes in order to drive business forward in 2012.

The conference will have five key themes: entrepreneurship, leadership, forward thinking, governance and technology, with a specific focus on solving the problems entrepreneurs encounter. Five prominent speakers will deliver seminars on these topics, helping business owners develop solutions to their own individual challenges. The event is supported by CNBC Africa, Cuici Consulting and The Rock Foundation, amongst others.

The iQube Back To The Future event takes place at the City Hall, Lagos Island, Lagos in Nigeria on Wednesday 31st October 2012. To request an invite, watch the video below.

Wyzowl created this animated marketing video for iQube, which is supported by Cuici Consulting. If you’d like Wyzowl to create a bespoke animated marketing video for your product, service or event, contact us today. You’ll find our price list at


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