New Wyzowl Video: Mikogo - Remote Desktop & Online Meetings

by Matt Byrom on 28 November 2012

Mikogo is a powerful tool for remotely sharing your desktop with with another colleague. Now, sharing information is easy: you can show others your work no matter where they are in the world.

Accurately communicating a complicated idea with another person can be difficult without a visual aid. This is where Mikogo comes in. Mikogo allows users to instantly share their computer screen with another person through an online meeting interface. This means that anything one person sees on a screen, the other does too, facilitating both communication and collaboration between the two remote workers. Other remote users can also be brought into the meeting at any time, taking communication and collaboration even further.

The Mikogo application has a wide range of extra features to help you get the most out of your online meetings. Users can join a meeting from any browser and remotely control the keyboard and mouse. There are whiteboard, live chat and file transfer features. Sessions can be scheduled to run in the future, and your meetings can be recorded for review, making it easy to share discussions with everyone in your team.

Mikago is ideal for project managers, sales executives, IT support staff, lawyers, consultants, engineers and anyone else who needs to collaborate online. Mikogo helps to reduce travel time and costs, helps you to close your deals more efficiently, train your staff more effectively and ultimately increase your productivity.

There are already over one million Mikogo users located in 180 different countries around the world. It’s a popular and secure tool that works on Macs, Windows, tablets and smartphones. Please take a look at the video below to find out more.

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Matt Byrom

Written by Matt Byrom

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