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by Matt Byrom on 27 September 2012

Content is the driving force behind the best sites on the web. Content means better engagement and loyalty - and that’s a big benefit to all websites, particularly when they’re looking to attract fans, followers and ‘likes’.

PublishThis is a tool which helps web marketers to select, create and share relevant content on their social media and marketing channels without back-breaking and time-consuming admin. By picking out popular and relevant topics automatically, PublishThis helps you to find relevant news and industry developments, add your own take on these hot news stories and get the resulting content published quickly to ensure your website is always relevant and on-the-ball.

The tool combines content discovery, automatic feeds, curation and social media publishing to automate the process of creating content. In addition, PublishThis also helps with optimisation, ensuring that the content you publish is relevant and driving engagement with your client base. The website uses relevancy scoring to filter out non-stories and focus on the kinds of topics that are likely to interest your audience. Full integration with channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest ensures your brand name is socially aligned with some of the freshest and most interesting news on the web.

Wyzowl recently created an animated web video which describes exactly how PublishThis works, and why it’s a great tool to improve your content publication process.


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Matt Byrom

Written by Matt Byrom

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