New Wyzowl Video: Ricochet - Socially Driven Advertising

by Matt Byrom on 29 November 2012

As more and more companies turn to social media sites such as Facebook to engage with their customers, socially-driven advertising has become a major influence on modern marketing.

However, as you engage your customers with relevant content, you might find your posts are accompanied by adverts from your competitors.

Ricochet is a socially driven advertising tool to help you find premium content which is relevant to your customers. Crucially, Ricochet helps you post that content alongside relevant advertising. The advertising stays with your content as it is shared across the web.

You can search within Ricochet to find premium content from top publishing sites such as the New York Times. Once you have chosen your content, you can set a page layout and pick the ad creative you want to assign to the content. This provides you with a simple link to post on your social sites alongside your own unique message to your customers.

Ricochet is a full self-service platform where you can upload data, manage accounts and download different reports. This makes it a useful tool in helping businesses engage customers with content that really means something to them. In turn, this helps you to build customer relationships and advertise your brand more effectively.

Please take a look at the video we made for Ricochet to find out more about the service.

If you are interested in having a video made for your own company or business, please take a look at the prices on our website. If you’d like to win a video, don’t forget to sign up for our next Wyzowl competition.


Matt Byrom

Written by Matt Byrom

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