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by Matt Byrom on 25 September 2012

Social media, marketing and sharing are all great, but to complete the feedback loop, you need to find out what your customers think of your products and services. That’s where UserReport can help. By setting up surveys and questionnaires, you can easily gather data about your customers’ preferences and views.

Surveys can be fully customised to make them look more appealing and interesting. Surveys are embedded on your own website - not on a third-party website - so your customers never have to leave the page to record their views. Users are asked one question at a time, and you can opt to show people the results of previous surveys to make the process more social.

In addition, UserReport can collect data on website usability to find out where your users are clicking, and by plugging UserReport’s toolkit into Google Analytics, you can build a more complete overview of the kinds of people who are visiting your site - including their age, gender and location.

Once your survey has been completed, you can view colourful, graphical reports that give a clean, clear overview of the user data you’ve collected. These reports can be shared with other key partners and stakeholders.

UserReport is free to install on your website, and it integrates with all kinds of blogging tools, web design tools and CMS software, including WordPress, Blogger, Dreamweaver, Joomla, Magento and more. UserReport can also be installed on a standalone basis.

Wyzowl created a web video that shows exactly what UserReport can do.

User Report

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