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by Matt Byrom on 29 October 2012

Xtreme Gap Year believe that gap year travel should be fun, safe and action-packed. Their new Thailand Gap Year package offers students the chance to see one of the most beautiful countries in the world like never before.

With Xtreme Gap Year, travellers are allocated to a group with their own guide. The four-week programme includes a range of activities which students can choose to participate in.

After being collected from the airport, the first week of the Xtreme Gap Year programme includes exciting day trips, giving travellers the chance to explore Thailand and familiarise themselves with the area, the local cuisine and the basics of the language and culture. In week two, students can choose between a Bhuddism and Culture option, a Trekking Experience or an Elephant Conservation placement.

Week three is all about partying and relaxing, with visits to Bangkok’s best nightspots, tropical resort hotels, fantastic white beaches and a legendary Thai full moon party. After resting and rejuvenating, students are offered more activites in week four: choose rock climbing, scuba diving or Muay Thai. The trip ends with an adventure day.

Xtreme Gap Year combine these exciting activities with full support from a guide throughout the holiday, and a strong support network of fellow travellers. Everything you need, including accommodation, is included, and all activities are arranged when you arrive, giving you the chance to buddy up with friends.

To find out more about the Xtreme Gap Year programme, take a look at the video Wyzowl made for

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