Organise and enhance your social life with Tagavent

by Adam Hayes on 19 April 2013

Now, if you're as super-popular as all the members of Team Wyzowl are, your personal life can get pretty hectic, with events and invites falling out of your ears (not literally.)

There are loads of tools out there to organise your social life, but Tagavent is the first app that we've seen that uniquely enhances it; Tagavent lays out past and future events, and also suggests a bunch of events happening in your local area. If your friends are busy, you can use Tagavent's cool 'ice-breaker' feature to send a message to other, like-minded people, allowing you to expand your social circle, meeting new people who share your passions.

Check out the Mobile video we made for Tagavent below:


Adam Hayes

Written by Adam Hayes

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