PureVPN - Private, secure browsing, wherever you are!

by Adam Hayes on 26 April 2013

There's little doubt that the internet has changed the world for the better - but we also know that there are a number of dangers online. Hackers. Identity thieves. Snoopers.

These are nasty threats that it's important to be vigilant against. The guys at PureVPN have a solution; their service offers you private and secure internet access, keeping the data thieves at bay and allowing you to browse safely at all times. What's particularly impressive is that this even applies to public, unsecured connections - airports, cafes, hotel rooms - where your data has previously been at its most vulnerable.

And the added bonus is that PureVPN also allows you to access features that are unavailable in some parts of the world - Facebook, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and more. Check out the Animated with Characters video we made for PureVPN - John, the character in our video, is having problems with his internet security. But not for long!


Adam Hayes

Written by Adam Hayes

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