Send Anywhere lets you send, well...anywhere!

by Adam Hayes on 22 May 2013

For all the advancements in mobile technology, it can still be a real PAIN when you want to send files from your mobile device. Fortunately, the guys behind Send Anywhere have recognised this, and created a great app to solve the problem.

The first thing you notice about Send Anywhere is just how clean and simple the menu is. Immediately upon opening the app, you're asked whether you want to send or receive files. Sending files is a doddle, with just a few clicks...and, if you're receiving, you have a whole host of options to get your files - with QR codes, unique receiver keys and more.

Check out the Mobile video we made with the guys behind Send Anywhere - and don't forget to download this handy app from the App Store or Play Store when you're done! :)


Adam Hayes

Written by Adam Hayes

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