Time to take action against nuisance callers with AmbushCall!

by Adam Hayes on 02 May 2013

There are few things as annoying as receiving nuisance calls, particularly from unmarked numbers. Sure, you're curious to know who's calling you...but pick up and you could be facing the lengthy indignity of mind-numbing market research, the embarrassment of an awkward cold sales call, or the panic-inducing tones of some company or other asking for money. It's just not a good way to spend your time!

Luckily, the guys at AmbushCall have come up with an ingenious solution; simply reject any unmarked call, and it's forwarded to the magical AmbushCall system. Within moments you'll receive an email notification of the number that tried to call you - and you can even blacklist that number to avoid future pestering. Winner!

Check out the Mobile vid we made...


Adam Hayes

Written by Adam Hayes

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