TripBuilder EventMobile - get a brilliant app for your event!

by Adam Hayes on 14 May 2013

If you're an event organiser, looking for a full-featured mobile app to help attendees get the most out of your event - look no further!


The experts behind TripBuilder EventMobile are all about developing great, user-friendly event apps which enhance the visitor experience and boost the impact of your event.

All the pressing information about your event - floor plans, speakers, exhibitors and more - is delivered directly to attendees' mobile devices (and they'll also be notified of any last-minute changes...which used to really throw spanners in the works!)

And this all means that the people who come to your event can plan their event to the finest detail; who they want to meet; which exhibitions they want to visit; even which places they'd like to visit in the city itself. If plans change at short-notice, your attendees are notified and can adjust their plans with minimal disruption.

You're probably thinking - sounds great, but can I afford it? Well, with a host of advertising functions, a TripBuilder EventMobile app can actually turn a profit for you. How good is that!

Check out the Mobile video below for more information about the fabulous TripBuilder EventMobile.


Adam Hayes

Written by Adam Hayes

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