The Case For Stepping Up Your Video Strategy NOW

by Matt Byrom on 28 January 2014

There was a time when print ads and TV spots were the lynchpins of any effective marketing strategy. And with the sums of money invested in these channels, it’s understandable why some are hesitant to change their game plan. But missing the train on video marketing could mean lost revenue in the New Year, not to mention the missed opportunity to affect your brand image. All it takes is a closer look to realize, your marketing needs a video strategy.

Going Viral Has Big Benefits

Virality is the new word of mouth. Ask Dollar Shave Club and the picture is clear: making a splash with creative video is a first-class ticket to sales and a strong brand reputation. And while text has the potential to inform and educate, no other medium is currently capable of the kind of wide-spread, word-of-mouth acclaim that video has demonstrated.

“Going viral” succeeds because it utilizes common sharing behavior and human nature. Internet users are more likely to share content that resonates with their beliefs and values, and video has the ability to communicate value more effectively than other mediums. In addition, light-hearted content like “Keyboard Cat” sees increased shares because humor is universal. The combination, when used in your business can mean the difference between Bill’s Blenders-level obscurity and “Will It Blend?”-level fame.

Video is Efficient and Enjoyable

While no business should abandon banner advertisements or meaningful written content, recognizing the unique capabilities of video is essential to harnessing its potential. The modern Internet user is, well, tired; tired of constant sales pitches, bad jokes, and lengthy reads that go absolutely nowhere. This is where video steps in to help out.

By presenting entertaining and helpful information in a digestible way, viewers are free to enjoy your message without the additional effort of reading. Video has the unique capacity to communicate tone, information, meaning, and sentiment more efficiently than text or infographics, and therefore taps an unfulfilled need of Internet readers: robust messaging without the hassle. Companies have even begun to abandon descriptive text on the front-page of their websites for entertaining videos, resulting in higher sales conversion, and happier, more informed viewers.

Better Engagement = Better Results

But video benefits aren’t limited to digestibility. To this point, the format offers the best opportunity for user engagement of any available medium. Reading a "wall of text" can give the impression that you’re being talked at instead of talked to. Psychologically, videos fulfil the latter by presenting a human face and, through YouTube and Facebook comments, the chance to reply with confidence that a human being will read and respond.

The best part? Users can use videos to respond. Great messaging can lead to “brand evangelists”; people who love your company so much that they spread the word for you. What follows is a conversation that you can use to improve your product and services, and your viewers can use to find peace of mind that you are, in fact, paying attention.

It Just Plain Works

Not convinced? Then allow us to present the hard facts. A study by Kelsey Group found that 55% of those who view a video visit the company’s website, 30% visit an actual store location, and 24% make a purchase as a result. According to Insivia, 90% of those surveyed responded that video was helpful in making a purchasing decision, 80% could recall a video ad they had viewed in the past 30 days, and 75% of those having viewed online video had interacted with a video ad in the past month. With numbers like these, it’s obvious why so many are stepping-up their video strategy, and reaping the benefits as a result.

The potential and proof is clear: online video is the “it” format of effective marketing for myriad reasons. The potential to “go viral” by leveraging human sharing behavior is the new word-of-mouth marketing. The format allows people to find out what they need quickly and efficiently and respond with confidence, leading to better engagement, better sales, and better ROI. Don’t get left behind the new wave of effective marketing and elevate your video strategy, starting now.

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Matt Byrom

Written by Matt Byrom

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