Corbyn and Cameron get ready to rumble...[INFOGRAPHIC]

by Adam Hayes on 15 September 2015


You'd have to be a pretty dedicated avoider of current affairs to have missed the recent media hoolpa over the Labour party leadership.

In the face of all expert predictions and conventional wisdom, veteran MP Jeremy Corbyn - a true socialist firebrand who has voted against his own party more than 500 times in the House of Commons - came out on top, leaving Andy Burnham, Liz Kendall and Yvette Cooper trailing in his wake.

This thoroughly unexpected turn of events has got the whole world talking about an exciting new chapter in British politics.

On Wednesday lunchtime, the eyes of the world’s media were trained on the Houses of Parliament. Labour’s newest leader duked it out for the very first time with Prime Minister, David Cameron, in Prime Minister’s Questions.

And you can forget about the Rumble in the Jungle...the Thriller in Manilla...the Fracas in Caracas...or the Dispute in Beirut - this was the Battle of Westminster!

Check out our infographic below which gives you a brief overview of who they are, and - broadly! - what they stand for...let's get it on!


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