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by Adam Hayes on 19 March 2014

Here at Wyzowl, we're very lucky to work with some fantastic people who have created amazing apps and products, and it's always good to find out more about the people behind the brand. A few months back we worked on a video for the guys behind ARISApp, a mobile productivity application for teams. Check out the original video below:

It was great to catch up with Indi, our friend at ARISApp, and ask a few questions about their journey so far, their vision for the future and how they found the Wyzowl experience!

Can you tell us a little bit about ARISapp and your story so far?
Digitalinc launched ARISapp in Sydney, Australia in March 2012. Today ARISapp is available in 19 languages across 38 countries. Our clients are from a broad range of industries but are all striving for the one goal – to improve efficiency and productivity in their mobile teams!

How important is collaboration between sales teams in achieving sales success?
Collaboration is key to success when working with diverse and often geographically scattered teams. ARISapp helps teams stay connected in many different ways. Content helps to distribute media easily to users and to store electronic documents that staff in the field use often. Forms helps get data efficiently from the field back to base and provides teams with a simple layout for what is required. Communicate allows for targeted communication with groups and teams, making it easy to stay connected. Training helps motivate teams and keep them up to date with new information and requirements, this is especially useful for teams that are not geographically connected. And finally Recognition promotes achievement driven behaviour and allows for public recognition of behaviours in real time.

One of the things we really liked about ARISapp was the fact that it utilises technology that the vast majority of companies will already have invested in. How important is that?
Utilising technology that already exists within companies is invaluable to us because it means ARISapp is accepted with greater ease as staff are already accustomed to using this type of technology.

Another aspect that really impressed us was that ARISapp combines 5 incredibly useful functions into one app. Just how useful is it to keep everything in one convenient, accessible place?
ARISapp often replaces more than one legacy system in an organisation. Combining several functions into one allows for greater visibility, control, productivity and efficiency. ARISapp is a cost effective alternative to implementing and administering several systems in isolation.

Was there a particular reason you decided to use video as a tool to educate people about ARISapp?
We felt that a video was the most effective visual learning tool when discussing ARISapp. ARISapp is highly interactive, therefore video was the most effective way of delivering the message we wanted to get across. There is also an expectation that digital tools will utilise an equally sophisticated and user friendly method of information delivery such as the use of video as part of their material. We felt this was an important tool for us.

What sort of impact has the video had?
We have found that implementing the video has reduced the amount of help desk calls on similar topics. It has also driven more traffic to our website with people staying longer to watch the video and sometimes looking to find out more once they have watched it. It’s also helped to educate our audience by providing them with easy to understand instructions and an outline of the core functions of the app.

Did anything surprise you about your experience working with us?
We were surprised at how seamless communication and workflow was, given that we are in a different time zone to Wyzowl. There was no trouble in that respect. We were grateful for the timeliness in which the project was finished and how easy the process was.

Perhaps not the easiest question to answer but, in 50 words or less, could you explain why anyone reading this should check out ARISapp?
ARIS boosts the productivity and efficiency of sales and support teams via an integrated mobile application suite that enables enterprises to fundamentally transform how they manage, monitor, train, motivate, reward and recognize their mobile work forces. ARIS revolutionises the way enterprises drive engagement and performance of mobile work forces and has been proven to achieve dramatic improvements in sales.

What would you say to somebody who was considering adding video to their suite of marketing tools but not quite sure?
Video is a must when it comes to online software! The benefits of a video include providing users with visually superior and easy to understand material when and where they need it, and that in turn reduces the resource drain of repetitive, face to face communications which very quickly repays the upfront investment of video production.

Thanks a lot to Indi and the whole ARISApp team - we look forward to working again together in the future!

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