Free ebook: How to Build & Grow an Engaged Social Audience.

by Michaela Walsh on 17 June 2015


A study into "Putting Social Media to Work" found that engaged social consumers spend between 20 and 40 percent more money on companies they follow online.

There's no doubting the power of social media, it's the perfect way to chat and engage with your clients and prospects. But how do you go about building that engaged social audience? 

It's important that you do engage the right social audience because the alternative, maybe easy to get but, won't do your business any good. You need an audience who like what you post, engage in conversation and share your content and information. 

Lucky for you we have an ebook that will shed some light on how to build and grow your social audience in the right way and add value to your business. The ebook covers:

  • How to plan an audience building strategy
  • What to share
  • Posting and monitoring on social media
  • Tactics to encourage sharing
  • Channel specific tactics to increase followers & engagement

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