FREE Webinar: How to Include Video in your Marketing Strategy

by Sarah Quinn on 22 April 2016

You're invited to join Wistia and Wyzowl as we both discuss how you can use video in your marketing strategy...wistia-3d8bd5.png


Do you want to learn how to include video in your marketing strategy?

Then join us on May 11th at 11am EDT as we team up with video hosting platform -- Wistia - to show you exactly how!

An impressive 61% of you told us that you use video as a marketing tool, but how effective do you find your efforts?

Unless you're a video marketing expert then it may be difficult to know exactly how you should approach video for the best results, which is why our MD Matt, and Wistia's Margot, wanted to hold a webinar that will explain all. 

The webinar will include:

  • The benefits of using video in your marketing
  • Examples of videos that can be used to nuture customers through the sales cycle
  • Tips on how you can improve your ROI by using video

Check out the video below for more info, and register here to grab your free spot at this very exciting webinar!

Hope to see you there :)

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