How to Generate Leads Using E-Books & Guides

by Adam Hayes on 01 June 2015


Whatever product or service you're selling online, we all know the importance of lead generation. It's a fundamental part of the Inbound Methodology and the start of countless customer relationships.

But what's the best way to generate leads?

Well, we think it's pretty simple. Studies suggest that content marketing can generate up to 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, with the added benefit of costing 62% less.

Specifically, gated content pieces like e-books and guides are a sure-fire way to generate high-quality leads for your business, and have a host of other terrific benefits.

In our latest free e-book, we wanted to give you a run down of exactly how it all works. What makes a great e-book? What should you write about? What are landing pages and how do they work? And how do you promote your e-book to maximise the number of leads it generates?

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Adam Hayes

Written by Adam Hayes

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