How To Generate Leads Using Ebooks

by Adam Hayes on 23 September 2015


We all know that e-books are a powerful weapon when it comes to lead generation. But why do some e-books turn into lead machines - while others flounder? 

In our latest video, Wyzowl's very own Toria Pardoe lists the four steps we believe you need to take to ensure your e-book has the biggest possible impact!

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Hi, I'm Toria - and I'm the one who makes these videos here at Wyzowl.

So you want more leads.... Well an ebook is your secret weapon! Check out how to generate more leads with these 4 simple steps:

1. Come up with the right topic

First, you've got to come up with the right topic. A topic that's SO good, people will just have to download it.  Your ebook needs to be: Targeted to your audience

  • Relevant to your niche
  • Useful
  • Educational
  • Comprehensive
  • And something that can't be found from a simple Google search!

So, find out those niggling questions that your audience want answering... And use your ebook to answer them! 

2. Create your ebook

Your ebook needs to speak to your audience with the right message – and it needs to look good while doing so.  In order to do this you need the heart of a copywriter.... and the appendix of a designer.......  Nah, I'm just kidding.  You can find templates at places like Graphic Grabber, or if you want yours to stand out from the rest then hire a professional to help!

3. Optimise your Landing Page

Everyone deserves a nice place to live, and darn-it so does your ebook!  If you want to make it easier to find then we suggest making the following changes to your landing page...  Include your ebook keywords in your headline, URL and meta description.  Write a short, persuasive summary of what's included.  Bullet point the benefits.  Take away the navigation bar on your page so people can't easily escape your page.  And include a download box without asking them to write 'War and Peace' just to get their contact information.  A name and email address will do.  

4. Promote, promote and promote some more!

This is the final point – and it's a BIG one!  If you want leads then you're going to have to go out and grab them by the horns because they wont just show up unannounced!  You need to promote your ebook any which way you can, and we'd suggest the following....  Create relevant blog content and include your ebook in any calls-to-action. Outreach to other bloggers that write about similar topics.   Try writing guest posts for influencers within your niche and link back to your content for a higher reach.  Pay to promote it on social media, relevant websites and try retargeting ads.  And, finally, post it in online communities and relevant forums to try and give it an extra push. 

Phew. Now it's over to you!  Remember: target your audience, produce highly valuable content, optimize your landing page and promote until the cows come home.  Good luck!


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