The Inarguable Case for Including Video In Your 2014 Marketing Plan

by Adam Hayes on 05 December 2013

It seems like mere minutes since we ushered in 2013…yet, however truly insane it may seem, in a matter of weeks, we’re all set to wave it goodbye.

You’re probably planning the festive period down to the finest detail. But how long before your thoughts turn to 2014?

New Year, New YOU…
The New Year is always a fantastic opportunity to take stock and make positive changes where necessary.

Not only does it allow us to identify areas we’d like to improve personally – generally “don’t eat and drink as much!” – it gives us an exciting blank canvas professionally, too.

What did you do this year that really worked? What could you have done better? And what are you going to do next year to continue and refine your success?

A time to plan
It’s all very exciting stuff, we’re sure you’ll agree!

Of course, Marketing is an intricate and complicated science, and there are countless tweaks you could make to your strategy.

You might choose to look at your SEO, or relationship management. Perhaps content could become more of a focus, or maybe you’ll divert more resources into your social media marketing.

The possibilities are endless.

But if there’s just ONE thing you make sure you include in your plan for the new year, we reckon it’s got to be the inclusion of video. We’ll explain why…

The Inarguable Case...
Studies have shown time and again that video is a key contributory ingredient to marketing success. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect.

Want to super-charge your SEO?
Forrester Research (2012) reckon that you’re 53 times likelier to get a page one listing on Google if you include video content on your website.

Not only that, Marketing Week reported that video results appeared in almost 70% of the top 100 search listings on Google in 2012.

This all means that, if you’re lacking video content on your home page, odds are that you’re missing out on fulfilling your SEO potential.

Of course, your performance on Google is a massive part of your SEO success. But the second biggest search engine is actually YouTube, with over 1 billion unique visitors each and every day. That’s a huge audience, which can, by definition, only be accessed with video content.

Want to communicate your product more effectively than ever before?
Above all else, video is an amazing tool in facilitating audience understanding.

It’s an unavoidable fact that your customer is short on time, and loaded with distractions. If you’ve done all the hard work on getting them to your website, the last thing you want to do is bombard them with clutter and have them leave without fully understanding your message.

The sad reality is that they aren’t likely to sit and read long passages of text, or go out of their way to really understand how your product works. But a 1-2 minute video which outlines the key features and benefits? Much more likely.

You may be interested to know that Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research reckons that 1 minute of video is worth a gargantuan 1.8 million words. Good luck trying to get your customer to read that much text!

Want to tell your brand story in a dynamic, powerful way?
We’ve written before about the huge power of brand storytelling. Video offers you a fantastically potent method of doing just that.

Your video, executed correctly, can almost be considered a kind of Brand Smoothie (bear with us!) You take all your raw ingredients, which on their own would take time and effort to digest fully. Copy and content….brand colours….visual styles….tone of voice….and core values. Blend them together and what you come up with is an easily digestible, delicious end product with all aspects complimenting each other very nicely. At least that’s the idea!

Want to engage your social media fans?
There’s no denying that Social Media is a hugely important part of any successful marketing strategy. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to reach MASSIVE audiences – Facebook has over a billion active users, while Twitter has more than 215 million – with over 58 million tweets per day!

Performics (2012) suggest that people are most likely to engage with branded content on social media that contains pictures (44%) and videos (37%.)

The growing power of video
Video content consumption is undeniably on the rise. Comscore (2013) reported that 188.7million people in the US watched 46 billion online content videos in September 2013. The average American spent more than 20 hours watching online video.

It goes without saying that these are huge numbers and, by neglecting to include video in your marketing strategy, you run the risk of being left behind.

Ok, sounds great, but I don’t know where to start…
To the uninitiated, the whole video process can seem a bit mysterious. You might wonder where on earth to start!

But, if you don’t fancy going it alone, you’ll find that a good video production company (like, for example, Wyzowl!) can break it all down and make it super simple for you.

Our process is extremely straightforward; we write a script for your video, based on the brief you provide. We’ll create any artwork required and lay this out in a Storyboard. And we’ll then animate that into a HD video for you to use however you please!

We make unlimited revisions until you’re happy, and keep you up to date at every stage using our purpose-built Project Manager.

Our pricing is about as simple as it gets, with fixed pricing. And we won’t leave you in the lurch – with fixed turnarounds, you can know exactly when to expect the next milestone in the process. Interested? Why not get in touch with us and have an informal chat! We can talk you through our process in more detail and answer any questions you may have.

Look forward to speaking to you soon!

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