iOS8 launches – and brings power of video to the App Store!

by Adam Hayes on 10 October 2014

The dust is just about settling after the launch of Apple's new operating system, iOS8 last month. And, while the new iteration features a bunch of exciting changes, the one that really caught our eye was the introduction of App Previews – short video previews which will put video content very much front and centre of the App Store.

Video previews will now display as the very first 'screenshot' on your app's page and – lasting 15-30 seconds – they'll provide a valuable opportunity to give your customers a flavour of your app before they download it.

We've long advocated the use of video as the most effective way to demonstrate the benefits of your app, so we think this is a really exciting development for developers and consumers alike.

So I need a video?
While App Previews represent an interesting opportunity to help sell your app more effectively, inevitably, they're going to create a certain amount of work. After all, if you don't already do video, this development puts it beyond doubt: now's definitely the time to get aboard that runaway train. And, crucially, App Previews are required to be device specific. In other words, you'll need different App Previews for each device you launch your app on.

Producing a simple, slick 30-second video which sells your app's benefits and features isn't always as easy as it sounds. Ultimately, you want to create an end product that really reflects your app's quality. A DIY approach might do the trick, but it's important to concentrate on achieving an end result that sends the right message about your app.

What should it look like?
There seems to be a certain amount of consistency in terms of how App Previews will look.

It's pretty much a given that they need to be screen captured, demonstrating the UI and functionality your users can expect.

Apple are discouraging references to pricing within App Previews, as this information is already displayed on the product page, and won't always be accurate in all countries. It's also recommended that you include In-App Purchase disclosures to properly manage your customer expectations regarding any features they may have to pay extra for.

One handy tip we've found from making hundreds of App demo videos is that it's good to populate the app with authentic data so your viewers can get a rounded view of the app's real-world use.

Your 30 seconds of fame
We couldn't have put it any better than Apple when they wrote, 'it's important to make the most of this time to help customers better understand your app’s content and features.'

The old saying that 'time is money' could have been created for this article – your ability to distil the app's many benefits into 30 awesome seconds is crucial to your success.

Your Preview should focus on maybe the top 3-5 features you're most keen to promote, and tell a cohesive story. Cramming in an abundance of content and rushing through it can really cause problems with audience understanding, so take your time and pace the Preview nicely.

There's going to be a proliferation of video content out there – much of it made using Apple's own screen capture software – so you may find it's useful to tie the video together with a voiceover and royalty-free music to really help it stand out from the crowd.

Let us take care of it for you
Here at Wyzowl, we've been making mobile app demo videos for years now and (at the risk of blowing our own trumpet) we're pretty good at it!

Our package includes everything from writing your script, to recording your screens, adding a professional voiceover and royalty-free music – all for one, all-inclusive price.

If you're looking to step out of an ocean of user-generated screen capture and create a beautiful, professional App Preview video that really sells your app – at an affordable price – then why not get in touch for a no-obligation chat so we can walk you through our process? We'd love to hear from you!

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