LIMITED TIME OFFER: 20% off iOS 7 app videos!

by Adam Hayes on 19 September 2013

Unless you've been living under a big rock, you probably noticed that this week saw the launch of Apple's iOS 7. Exciting stuff!

The new platform sees a whole raft of changes, most notably to the user interface. While Apple have attempted to keep things familiar, there's little doubt that iOS 7 looks and feels very different to previous generations.

So, to celebrate a new era for Apple users, we're offering you a fantastic 20% discount on your iOS 7 app video. Whether you've already created an app video for a previous OS and need a refresh...or you're a new customer and need a brand new video, you're looking at a big, fat saving on a tool that can make a big, fat difference to your app's performance!

For the uninitiated, here's a few ways a video can help super-charge your app's performance:

  • Increase conversions - videos are great at giving your users a quicker, clearer understanding of what your app does, how it works and what it's like to use. If they can quickly understand it, they're much more likely to go ahead and download it!
  • Reduce support queries - sure, you can rely on mountains of text and screenshots, but nothing aids understanding quite like a dynamic, click-by-click walkthrough of how your app works. When customers can watch your video instead of directly contacting you for support, it's great for them - they can resolve their issues without unnecessary delays - and it's great for you, as you now have more time to work on developing your app! Happy days.
  • SEO benefits - the above benefits combine to result in more downloads, higher customer-satisfaction, better reviews and ratings...and this all adds to your app's visibility through search engines. Not only that, but videos can be uploaded to YouTube which is the web's second largest search engine, and another great way for potential users to find your app.

Even at full price, a mobile explainer video might be one of the smartest business decisions since Walt Disney decided to pick up a pencil and some paper. Add on a 20% discount, and it's a no-brainer!

Of course, nothing lasts forever, and, alas, neither will this offer. As of 1st October 2013, the prices will revert back to normal, so make sure you act before then :)

To take advantage of this great offer, simply fill out our Order Form (mention the 20% discount!) and we'll get back to you within just 1 working day with everything you need to know.

Speak to you soon, you lucky people!

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