The BEST Super Bowl Video Ads From The Last 5 years

by Sarah Quinn on 05 February 2014

With a record 111.5 million people tuning in to watch the Super Bowl this year, brands had every reason to pull out all the stops with their adverts. From Chrysler to Budweiser, Microsoft to Coca Cola all the usual faces were there and we loved every second of it. In fact we loved it so much that it got us thinking, what’s our favorite Super Bowl commercials of the past five years?

Snickers - 2010

This Snickers advert has it all and yes, that even includes TV veteran Betty White. It begins with a friendly game of football as Betty tries her very best to score a touchdown. As you’d imagine, she gets tackled to the ground and ends up covered in mud. Check out the video to see why on earth Betty White is even playing football in the first place…

Career Builder – 2010

Who doesn’t love casual Fridays? I’ll tell you who, the guy in this commercial! But it’s probably something to do with the fact that casual Fridays in his office means that everyone comes to work in just their underwear. Problem is, it gets much worse than that. Check out the video to see why…

Chrysler - 2011

Ok so Chrysler seems to feature pretty much every year making it difficult to pick a favorite. Quite like their cars, the Chrysler commercials are bold and slick. The message is very clear – their cars are imported from Detroit. So featuring Detroit-born Eminem in their ad was only a matter of time and we think it’s their best to date…

Volkswagen – 2011

Using one of the biggest super villains of all time to sell their cars was a great move by Volkswagen. Basically they dress a kid up as Darth Vader and get him to walk around his home trying to administrate the ‘force’ every which way he can. Of course each time he failed, until he stumbled upon his dad’s Passat. Check out this award winning commercial to see why it is one of the most popular Super Bowl ads of all time…

Chevrolet – 2012

Remember back in 2012 when the world was due to end because of those pesky Mayan predictions? Well Chevrolet took full advantage of that by creating an epic end-of-the-world drama that captured the aftermath of the apocalypse. The only survivors were of course the people that own a Chevy Silverado! They even have a cheeky pop at their competitors and the scenes look incredible too.

M&M’s – 2012

So the marketing team at M&M’s really know how to make people laugh and this commercial from 2012 is all the proof you need. The ad begins at a party with an M&M telling her human friends about an encounter she had with the president. The trouble is, because she is brown, people seem to think she has come to the party naked and it all goes downhill from there. Check out the hilarious video!

Audi – 2013

There’s nothing more upsetting than seeing a poor kid going to his prom without a date is there? Well, that’s what his dad thought anyway, which is why he lends him his brand new Audi! As you’d imagine the power of the cool car goes to his head and all hell breaks loose at his high school prom. What we learned from this video? Audi makes anything worthwhile.

Doritos – 2013

Doritos make tons of Super Bowl commercials because let’s face it; it’s the perfect food to munch on while you’re watching the big game! We decided to go with this one as our favorite – it’s the one with the goat. The goat seems to love Doritos as much as his owner and everything spirals out of control. Check out the video to see why you should never have a pet goat…

Microsoft – 2014

This one is all about how Microsoft has helped shape the world into a better place. Whether you agree with that or not, it’s a powerful commercial that shows how people from all different walks of life can benefit from technology. From helping people with disabilities to sending people into space, technology is truly amazing and this Microsoft advert is proof of that.

Budweiser – 2014

Another brand giant that always appears during the Super Bowl breaks; Budweiser is not to be overlooked. They have pulled out all the stops over the years but 2014 may just be their best one yet. Tugging on even the toughest of heartstrings, their commercial simply titled ‘puppy love’ will leave you with a lump in your throat. Take a look to see why…

So there you have it – our favorite Super Bowl videos from the past 5 years! If anything, these Super Bowl commercials have taught us that creative storytelling really is the best way to sell your product. From laugh-out-loud comedy to the truly heart warming, you can make anything work if you have a great story behind it!

Did we miss your favorite? Let us know!

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