The State of Content Marketing 2015: The Results Are In!

by Samantha Ferguson on 09 March 2015


At the beginning of this year, we wrote a blog on the State of Content Marketing. We felt the need to blog about this topic because all of the content marketing stats that were floating around on the web were super-dated.

So, we created our own survey filled with all the questions that we think need answering in order to get up-to-date, relevant statistics from industry professionals, and see what the future holds for content marketing. And now...

The results are in!

We found that a lot of the results reaffirmed what we thought to be true, but it's always great to get confirmation! And, there were a few shockers in the mix too!

We discovered that 75% of content marketers release new content at least monthly, with 36% of respondents releasing content on a weekly basis. But surprisingly, less than 1 in 4 content marketers outreach their material to other websites, limiting it's potential audience. Another surprising statistic was that 18% of content marketers do not use social media to market their business!

72% of people believe content marketing is essential for their business strategy, yet 28% of content marketers say they face a battle to convince others in their organization of the value of content.

Click here to see the full results page for statistics on ROI, average prices, and more. If you want to use these stats in any commercial or non-commercial capacity, feel free, but don't forget to give Wyzowl a mention!

Samantha Ferguson

Written by Samantha Ferguson

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