The Ultimate Guide: How To Create The Perfect Explainer Video

by Adam Hayes on 20 May 2015


We don't like to sound our own horn (toot toot) but we've now made over 1,250 explainer videos, for more than 750 clients worldwide. And we like to think we're getting pretty darn good at it.

If you've ever wanted to know how it's done, then today's your lucky day. We've created a mega-comprehensive e-book that lays bare our expertise in stunning technicolour. We've left no stone unturned, from how to write a fantastic script to how to create stunning graphics and - of course - the magical bit, where we tie it all together with beautiful animation. We all love magic tricks, but unlike David Copperfield, we're gonna tell you exactly how it's done.

We've put years of knowledge into some sort of crazy word-blender, and the end product is a tasty smoothie that we hope is going to go down a treat.

We be talking about:

  • Things to think about before you start
  • Ideation, planning & scripting
  • Design and storyboarding
  • Recording a voiceover Animation and movement
  • Where to host your videos
  • Promotion & getting your video out there

So why not head over and download it right now? Did we mention that it's totally free? Just click the banner below...


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Adam Hayes

Written by Adam Hayes

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